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Life Drawing Dec 10 pt04

Another one where I only used the blue line pencil, no markers, and no added black leads.

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt03

With the other images, I would do the blue under drawing, and then go over it in darker lead to define things. That’s the process a lot of…

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt02

Another image using the purple line like before. This was a 20 min pose.

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt01

In the drawing sessions I usually do longer poses on this craft paper, using it as a mid tone. It’s nothing new, people have done it for hundreds…

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt05

I thought the model looked like an old friend of mine,  so for the last pose, I went outside my normal, and did a portrait shot.  One other…

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt04

Something about this one feels like a modern Moses… maybe I should have added some traditional “horns of power”; but that’s a bit too old, old-school.

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt03 (NSFW?)

And more… bits.

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt02

More stuff… same session as the last post. With 2018 coming to an end, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Look forward to more life…

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt01

A new set of images— in keeping with Christmas, St. Nick seems to have picked up a new hobby! Kidding. Decent model though. Think this was a 10…