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Swashbucklers is ever closer!

If you haven’t seen it, then check out the recent announcement by Dynamite on the new series of Swords of the Swashbucklers! They’ve gotten Marc Guggenheim to be the writer…

Interviews with Monster Girls

I like the manga, but only found out recently there was an anime version. Enjoy. 

Manga Wednesday

Yeah, “manga wednesday” isn’t really a thing, but here’s a sketch based on Mardock Scramble. I loved Yoshitoki Oima’s “A Silent Voice”, so I bought some other works;…

A lil’ tokusatsu

Hakaida from Kikaider 01~ enjoy!

Alien- no, not the movie one…

Design for possible upcoming series.

GI Joe i241 interior pencils

Interior pencils from the issue released this week. Enjoy.      

Thursday Special! GI Joe #241 cover pencils

Yeah, I forgot. Here are the cover pencils to yesterday’s release. 

Con Sketch- on time for a change!

This was from Awesome Con, a week or so ago. Destro is in the… Enjoy.  

Belated Con Sketches- epilogue

When prepping for Awesome Con, I found a couple of sketch covers I was supposed to do… from last year’s Baltimore Con! D’oh! Here’s one of them…

Extremely belated con sketches ed.05

Last of the belated con sketches… Hope it’s been fun.

Awesome Con 2017!

Gang, letting you know, if you’re in the DC area this weekend, I’ll be at Awesome Con all three days of the event! There’s gonna be a large…

Extremely belated con sketches ed.04

Thief from the cartoon Dungeons & Dragons… Ever notice people and their clothes disappear at the same time? Wouldn’t stuff vanish in layers? Could cause a stir!

Extremely belated con sketches ed.03

Next up… Igoo from Herculoids!  

Extremely belated con sketches ed. 02

More really late con sketches… First up, the ever lovable Brak! Who’s so funny, sweet, and – Yikes! Language!

Extremely belated con sketches ed.01A

Here’s the follow up to Monday, Kamen Rider Amazons now in COLOR! Again, sorry for the scan, off my phone- sucker was massive.

Extremely belated con sketches: edition 01

The first edition in a line of extremely late con sketches— How do we measure time? How long is a year, really? First the B&W line art, check…

Additional postage needed

Another recent package piece…

Mail call! Kamen Rider shipping decor

A recent package piece based on Kamen Rider Amazons

Rules of drawing~ Cannon fodder

This was an image I used in my presentation to explain a “drawing rule” I don’t always agree with; one that some editors love to tout as part of…

Fantom Comics art seminar & GIJoe:RAH i240 Interior art!

Don’t forget ~I’ll be at Fantom Comics in Washington-DC/Dupont Circle on Sunday (May 28/2pm) babbling incessantly, er,… I mean, talking about working as an artist in comics. I’ll be reviewing…