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Double Dose of random~ 06 : More Destro

Destructively random~ 05 : #Destro

Silently random~ 04 : Dawn/Snake-Eyes

Random~ 03 : Cobra Commander in Stone

More than random~ 02 : Storm Shadow

From the sketch pile…  

That’s random~ 01 : Bionic Man

The next block of posts are just recent sketches… enjoy!

Heroes Con Closed

Well I’m heading back home today from Heroes Con. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Here’s a little something from the show I did. Enjoy!

HeroesCon Bound!

Well, I’m heading off to HereosCon (June 15-17) and I hope to see everyone there. If you didn’t get on the pre-show commission list… SHAME ON YOU! BUT……

Heroes Con~ Pre-show commission list: LAST DAY!

There’s only a couple of slots left for the Heroes-Con pre-show commission list. I’m closing the list today at 5:00pm, so get your request in now! Contact me…

Commission List~ OPEN

Reminder: I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte next weekend (June 15-17)! My pre-show commission list is now open for the event. Slots are limited, and I’m only…

Heroes Con~ pre-show commission list: OPEN

Reminder: I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte next weekend (June 15-17)! Add I’m opening up my pre-show commission list for the event. Slots are limited and I’m…

Heroes Con 2018 (June 15-17)

Letting everyone know I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte over Father’s Day weekend (June 15-17). I’ll be sharing a table with the lovely Kelly Dale as she…

Life Drawing May 2018 ~ pt02

A couple more ~ This was another 20 min. This was a 30 min.

Life Drawing May 2018 ~ pt01

Got out to do a little sketching from a model. Enjoy— This was a 10 min. This was a 20 min.

Comic art appreciation in public? Obviously, NOT here!

I saw this over on the Anime News Network website, and it’s not only interesting, but shows how much more respect the Japanese have for comics as an…

Marvel Adventures : Avengers Comixology SALE!

If any of you want to see some of the early stuff I did for Marvel, head over to Comixology for their digital Marvel All Ages Sale! The arc…

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt03

This last page is from the Amazonian house at the Zoo. They have  fish, amphibians, birds, trees, plants… but most of these drawings are of the Roseata Spoonbill….

Zoo Sketching 2018 ~pt02

More Zoo drawings from my recent trip. Monkeys sure do jump around a lot! The kudus on the other hand just sat there. There was a bird (top…

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Baltimore Signing!

Hey gang! Free comic book day is THIS Saturday, and I’ll be in Baltimore with the team of American Mythology at  Cards, Comics, and Collectibles! They’re opening early for…

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt01

Met with a friend, and hit the zoo to break this cabin fever.  More later—