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Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random ninja ~ 12 : Snake-Eyes shooting off some steam

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Randomly released~ 10 : Sgt. Lost-License

Happy Friday the 13th you scum, now drop and give me 20!

Random issues~ 08 : It’s a family thing with Dawn

Random in red~ 09 : Scarlett in solitude

Randomness rules~ 07 : Cobra Commander is a Tears for Fears fan

Double Dose of random~ 06 : More Destro

Destructively random~ 05 : #Destro

Silently random~ 04 : Dawn/Snake-Eyes

Random~ 03 : Cobra Commander in Stone

More than random~ 02 : Storm Shadow

From the sketch pile…  

That’s random~ 01 : Bionic Man

The next block of posts are just recent sketches… enjoy!

Heroes Con Closed

Well I’m heading back home today from Heroes Con. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Here’s a little something from the show I did. Enjoy!

HeroesCon Bound!

Well, I’m heading off to HereosCon (June 15-17) and I hope to see everyone there. If you didn’t get on the pre-show commission list… SHAME ON YOU! BUT……

Heroes Con~ Pre-show commission list: LAST DAY!

There’s only a couple of slots left for the Heroes-Con pre-show commission list. I’m closing the list today at 5:00pm, so get your request in now! Contact me…

Commission List~ OPEN

Reminder: I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte next weekend (June 15-17)! My pre-show commission list is now open for the event. Slots are limited, and I’m only…

Heroes Con~ pre-show commission list: OPEN

Reminder: I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte next weekend (June 15-17)! Add I’m opening up my pre-show commission list for the event. Slots are limited and I’m…

Heroes Con 2018 (June 15-17)

Letting everyone know I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte over Father’s Day weekend (June 15-17). I’ll be sharing a table with the lovely Kelly Dale as she…

Life Drawing May 2018 ~ pt02

A couple more ~ This was another 20 min. This was a 30 min.