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The last Kitaro!

For now anyway— but by the time this sees light, I’ll probably have done hundreds more. Here’s one in color. What can I say? I just love drawing…

Rats! Millions of them!

Well, “Ratman” from Gegege No Kitaro anyway; the comic relief. Oh and Kitaro’s would be love interest.  

OMK(itaro) are we still here?

I love that Kitaro can shoot “hair needles” from his head— how do you come up with that?

OK-itaro I lied.

Here are some more Kitaro sketches— for some reason I love drawing this little guy.

One more Gegege no Kitaro…

Here’s some color added to an image from last week.

Hustle Punch vs Yokai!

I came across Gegege no Kitaro from a roundabout way. I had rented a film called Yokai Wars, and basically it’s Gegege but with no Kitaro. It’s all…

More Gegege no Kitaro!

Here are a few more sketches based on Gegege no Kitaro. Something I failed to mention is that Kitaro has a “cow-lick” of hair that tingles when evil…


My new Japanese obsession (this week) is Gegege no Kitaro. This is an anime based on a classic manga created by Shigeru Mizuki, and the cartoon has gone…