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Random Cajun ~ 14 : Zartan slices up a snake

OK, last one for a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be more. Have a great summer!

Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Random issues~ 08 : It’s a family thing with Dawn

Random in red~ 09 : Scarlett in solitude

Destructively random~ 05 : #Destro

Silently random~ 04 : Dawn/Snake-Eyes

Random~ 03 : Cobra Commander in Stone

More than random~ 02 : Storm Shadow

From the sketch pile…  

Baltimore Con Sketch~01

Here’s a sketch from Baltimore Con of a lady Snow Serpent. This is before the Mr. Shearer put his inks to it. I hope he posts his version,…

GIJoe RAH i244 Pencil Preview

I’m at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, so if you’re in the area- drop by, grab some comics, and say hi! For now, here’s a 3 page preview…

GIJoe Real American Hero i243 interior pencils!

Hits the stands today! Yo Joe!  

GIJoe Real American Hero i243 Cover Pencils

Here are the pencils to the cover for i243 that comes out on Wednesday (Aug 30)! Check back that morning for a preview of the book, in graphite form!…

GI Joe i241 interior pencils

Interior pencils from the issue released this week. Enjoy.      

Con Sketch- on time for a change!

This was from Awesome Con, a week or so ago. Destro is in the… Enjoy.  

Belated Con Sketches- epilogue

When prepping for Awesome Con, I found a couple of sketch covers I was supposed to do… from last year’s Baltimore Con! D’oh! Here’s one of them…

Fantom Comics art seminar & GIJoe:RAH i240 Interior art!

Don’t forget ~I’ll be at Fantom Comics in Washington-DC/Dupont Circle on Sunday (May 28/2pm) babbling incessantly, er,… I mean, talking about working as an artist in comics. I’ll be reviewing…

Fantom Comics art seminar + GIJoe i240 CVR pencils

Don’t forget ~I’ll be at Fantom Comics in Washington-DC/Dupont Circle on Sunday (May 28/2pm) presenting a short seminar about working as an artist in comics. I’ll be reviewing portfolios of…

GIJ_RAH_i239_Cover Pencils

Cover Pencils #GIJJOE #RealAmericanHero #239

GIJoe RAH i238 Preview

Here are the pencils for the first three pages of issue 238, that was scheduled to release this week. If it didn’t- no worries, enjoy these until you…