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Oh model, my new model

Here’s that new model again. She did limited range of poses, but she held them well. I enjoyed the strong attitude she presented in a lot of her…

Come with me, and you’ll see, a Beano full of imagination!

Here’s that machine from the post seen earlier in the week. Can you guess what it produces? If not, check out this week’s Beano!

New model, like a new pencil

Here are some sketches of a new model we had at our sessions. She had a unique body shape, that was elegant, but still on the stout side….

If you Beano it, will they… know what it is?

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano! I get to design various gadgets for Rubi, but I try to keep things in check. Basically, I want the objects…

Tokusatsu bang bang!

Here are the inks of Shishi Leo of Bestial Storm Jushowan the fictional program in the real TV show Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga!


Here’s a sketch I did for a friend of Shishi Leo from the fictional action show Bestial Storm Jushowan. Out of the (manga based) Japanese TV show Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga….

Beano done before!

Here’s the inked and colored version from a few days ago- you can see in the repost below how little info was in Rubi, compared to the final.

Blue! Blue! Get off the stage!

I just keep going back to it… sorry. It’s the lead, it’s just easy to draw with. It’s not overly waxy, it’s soft, but doesn’t smudge, and I…

Raw Bean-Os

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano, and you follow this blog, you might notice how my pencils are getting a little looser. I’m trying not to over…

Just hanging…

I enjoyed the ponytail, I just find hair a pleasant challenge when drawing.

Ha! Made you look!

Just hanging out, checking out stuff, that’s apparently over —>

Bot, bot… it’s BBQ time!

Here’s the color version from today’s Beano! I like changing up the outfits on the characters. It bugs me when every one in a comic has a wardrobe…

An itch you can’t scratch~

Oh come on, it looks like she’s trying to scratch her back. Sheesh. Come up with your own post titles then. ;¬P

BBQ Beano- Uncooked!

In tomorrow’s Beano there’s a little tokusatsu tribute to ByClosser. Not who gets it, but do the right people get it… as Joel and the bots would say.

Like er’mygawd!

It was just the ponytail.      

The sky is falling…

For a guy who liked Jeremy, and who likes Zelda almost as much as he did.

Count every little Beano

Historian I am not, but I do try to get details right. I’m sure there are a ton of mistakes in these… but don’t @ me… it curdles…

Gray skies are gonna clear up…

Or not. Another new gray sketchbook image. Yeah yeah, the head’s too big.

Napoleon Beano-part

There’s a show in the UK called “Horrible Histories” which I’m sure can be found online someplace. They teach facts from history thru comedy skits… sort of. I’ve…

Gray skies are blue again…

Ok, it’s just blue lead. More from that new gray paper sketchbook.