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How awesome (con) is that Gung Ho drawing?

Another reminder that I’ll be at Awesome Con this weekend (Apr 26-28) in their Artist Alley (R1) with Brian Shearer (Inker:GI Joe / creator: William the Last /…

Walk softly, like a Soft Master

Just a reminder, if you have any interest in purchasing one of these Joe character sketches, reach out to me via my website!

Gee, I… hey, uh… Yo, Joe!

A little bit of Cover Girl from GI Joe! I always wondered, if she was a professional model, how come none of the soldiers on either side recognize…

It’s the 80s again… whoah!

My love’s at an end! Guess we gotta put the October Guard back on the other side of the fence? Crumbs and I liked Daina. If you have…

Very superstitious, Cobra on the lawn.

Crystal Ball of Cobra Like with the Joe sketches,  if you have any interest in purchasing one of these Cobra character sketches, reach out to me via my…

Mo’ Joe! Red Dog of GIJoe:RealAmericanHero

Come on, he’s a surfer- admit it. If I haven’t made it clear, these Joe character sketches are available for purchase; just reach out to me via my…

Mo’Bra! Cesspool of Cobra

Even baddies gotta relax. All work, and no play, makes… something, something. If I haven’t made it clear… if you have any interest in purchasing  any of the…

Mo’ Joe!

More GI Joe sketches… Outback

Happy Valentine’s Day the Joe Way!

Nothing says romance, like a burned hero carrying his love to safety, after a copter crash!

Do you wanna make me cry?

Then remember when this was part of GI Joe—

Time for Super Bowl Shuffle! Joe style…

Remember this guy?

Remembering old friends—

Flipping thru the yearbook…

Post Baltimore Con – pt05

Another pre-show commission—

Post Baltimore Con – pt04

One of the few pre-show commissions—

Post Baltimore Con- pt03

More Baltimore Con sketches—

Post Baltimore Con – pt02

More filler— um, I mean… stuff to enjoy!

Post Baltimore Con -p01

First off a big shout out to Mr. Nathan and the crew at Baltimore Con! It was a great show, and… well, an above average year of weird…

Random Cajun ~ 14 : Zartan slices up a snake

OK, last one for a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be more. Have a great summer!

Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random ninja ~ 12 : Snake-Eyes shooting off some steam