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Drawlloween & Inktober 12

“I’ve got a hunchback”  

Drawlloween & Inktober 11

Slimey Swamps & Foggy Bogs! A little old school action from Swamp Thing the movie!

Drawlloween & Inktober 09

Today is “It’s a dummy, doll!” Submitted withOUT comment~

Drawlloween & Inktober 07 & 08

Didn’t get to 07 yesterday, so it’s a two-fer today! A belated “What Lies in the Mist”… (and to a certain someone- I hope this will satisfy my…

Drawlloween & Inktober 06!

Today… “Urban Legends”! Scary, man!

Drawlloween & Inktober 05

Today it’s “Better Gnomes & Goblins”—

Drawlloween Inktober 04

Here’s “Tentacle Tuesday”!…

Drawlloween/Inktober 03~!

“Mummy Monday”

Drawlloween 02!

“Carnival Creeps”~ probably not quite what they meant, but still creepy.    

Drawlloween 01

Never done this before, so here’s my first attempt ever- I’ll do my best to keep up. The theme today is “Return from the Dead”, or as my…