Prattling on about something

I think since the mid-70s, every kid that showed any interest in drawing super heroes, ended up with a copy of “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way“;…

Hate to Beano your bubble, bud!

As I mentioned previously this week, I misunderstood the script. I added an ‘s’ to a word by mistake. See if you can guess where I put the…

I’m not Beano, I’m just draw that way!

So the kids don’t make flattering images of Teacher, apparently.

I don’t Beano that means, what you think it does?

This week I misunderstood a script, but thankfully caught the problem before I finished the art. Check in later in the week to see what’s wrong with this…

Beano for nothing, kids!

The kids test the strength of the school windows this week, and Teacher’s patience; then again, what’s new about those?

I’m a Beano confused

Here are the colors for the previous post, and the FX on the background… complete accident. Don’t know why it happened, or how, but I love it. As…

Beano torn from the headlines!

The waters of truth, have become a bit muddy.

Trade for some magic Beano ?

This week, I also did a history trivia page in the Beano. Plus, I tossed in a little Dr Who reference.It was originally just a random guy with…

Beano to a drag race?

Pencils for a panel in this week’s issue.

Where you Beano with this?

This week’s Beano is practically a Dr Who episode! Well, in my book.

Refried Beano

Here are the colors to the earlier post. Like I mentioned about the puzzle this week, the pencils for this show how I’m including less detail at the…

The Great Beano Bust

Or escape? Your call.

Beano -ing Ram!

There’s also a puzzle page from me this week, and I love the idea that the file cabinet can double as a sort of tank. I’m really trying…

You go, Beano

The kids are more talented than they look- multi threat in the Olympics apparently.

Storming the Beano

For a bunch of lazy kids, they sure can move when they want to.

Cartoon, She Pitched

OK, hear me out. Murder She Wrote has been enjoying an ever increasing resurgence in popularity, to the point CBS was gonna launch a reboot a few years…

She’s just a country girl with the blues

I admit, I like this one better converted to grayscale. Maybe this time it’s because of her outfit? Here’s how it looked originally.

Better Beano back my stuff!

Teacher is doesn’t take kindly to you pilfering his stuff! Sorry to the Brits out there, but the globe is just easier to draw from this side.

Granny Beano burning up the track!

Colors for the previous sketch.

Washi you were here

This was originally a blue image, but I liked it more converted to gray. That might be because it was a pain, and I redrew it multiple times….