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Sometimes it goes off without a Beano

The Beano Boss kids are always a challenge. You want to make the kid look like who they are, which requires exaggeration of some features, but you don’t…

Haunted Beano

Halloween is coming up– but no, this isn’t a Ghostbusters parody in Beano. I had to make the Beano Boss invisible, but like Wonder Woman’s plane, it’s a…

Kicking the old Beano around

Lot of soccer/football fans in the UK… a lot.

One Beano Perspective

The Prank Academy this required some odd angles. It’s hard enough to get a likeness in a normal view, how’d I do? 


The Boss had a shirt with type on it in the references, but I tried to make it a little easier to keep consistent. Emoji for the win. 

Caught from Beano-hind!

Everyone in the line is a regular character in Beano, but can people recognize them from this angle?

Spider Beano, Spider Beano!

Yeah, not really climbing the wall like a mutated hero, but what the heck.

Old Beano

Boss this week reminded me of a childhood friend, who has similarly bright red hair. I always liked it because it was different from everyone else’s. This is…

Stop a Beano cold, make the Axis fold

Beano Boss was a Wonder Woman fan this week- good on her!

Staging is a real Beano

For this Boss strip, there was a panel where all the kids have their shoes tied together, causing them to fall as group. It’s a kid book, so…

Whiz comics – Beano style!

Ha! See what I did there? If not, you’re not old enough. If you did… you’re old.

Goal! Beano! Goal!

The Beano Boss for this week, was a soccer… er, “football” fan. Goal!

Beano Kitchen Safety

For the prank this week I tossed in a little lesson on knife skills… yes, I watch too many reruns of Julia Child. 

Beano wars!

Another panel I enjoyed this week on the Beano Boss was this running of the gauntlet. We didn’t have fancy, mass produced Capt America shields when I was…

Beano out much?

A double does today! Beano Boss this week was a challenge, but they always are. I spent way too much time on the stripes of her shirt in…

Beano the fourth wall!

Because of how things are set up in the magazine, I don’t get to do the classic tricks you get in hero comic; like breaking panel borders and…

It’s the ‘ole Beano-roo!

When I can give a little parody product placement, I try. Beano Boss this week needed some ice cream, so why not use one of the fancier ones…

Ready for my close up Mr. Beano

Wonder if kids will even know what dad is using?  It’s a weird time in tech history.

Check those Beano-ful shorts!

Beano Boss this week had some wild shorts. I’d have loved stuff like his when I was a kid. I was happy to have something with a simple…

What a good Beano

On the “Beano boss”strips, I try to not pick on anyone. She had some wild hair, which I tried to indicate without looking like I was making fun…