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In the Game of Life Drawing…

The Joker is WILD! Doesn’t really apply here, but it’s a nice Power Records reference… ANYHOO. Got to go to my first life drawing session in over two…

Life drawing? Almost…

Here’s another pose file image, but I hope to post stuff soon from the life drawing session that happened on Monday.

Life drawing? Not yet, but SOON!

Found out recently that the gallery where I used to do life drawing sessions is restarting TONIGHT! Yea! On the downside, they’re only doing it once a month…

Unarmed Cos-bat!

I don’t think that’s regulation.

Cos I’m in love with Florence Nightingale!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Anyone know the words to Blue Hawai’i?

Yep, more non-life drawing, only today it’s a new model! Like this one seems to be, the other must be on vacation. Kidding, photographs don’t go on vacation,…

Malpractice? Of cos not.

Well, I did my best. Sheesh. Another non-life drawing nurse cosplay sketch; and the closest likeness so far.

Bubbling over with joy

More non-life drawing, with the same model as on Monday. She’s a goofball.

Careful! COS you might trip on the stairs.

Another nurse outfit image from the pose files.

A rose by any other name, but what about Dandelions?

More (non) life drawing, and same girl as I ended with last week. Can you tell? No? Well… dang! Practice, practice.

Can you type 90 posts a minute?

I can barely do a drawing in 90 minutes! Anyway, here’s another sketch of the same girl who was in the selfie image I did. You’d never guess…

It’s all about you, isn’t it?

More non-life drawing, and this one was more about her expression; which caused me no end of trouble. She had this cute grin, and I never got her…

Itsy Bitsy Non-Life Drawing

Doing a lot of (non) life drawings to get my chops back up before doing Joe, and obviously most are from Japanese reference books. Don’t know if it…

Cos I need a nurse, STAT!

Next to “school girl”, I would guess a “nurse” outfit is the most common costume for models in Japanese men’s magazines; so here’s my obligatory drawing of one….

Thwip it! Thwip it good!

Nope, don’t know who she is, but she had a lot of makeup on; which made the facial features a challenge. I sort of bailed half way, hence…

Sentence or Cos?

A lot of the Japanese pose book are girls in school uniforms. Ignore the fact the model is in her mid twenties. Maybe she was kept back a…

Nice shoes, Cos

Again, no idea who the cosplayer is, but I liked the pose… and the shoes. Didn’t turn out as Asian as the model in the pic, but hey—…

Course I’m scared, Cos that’s a big sword!

Another cosplay referenced image, no idea who she is, but I think the costume is Gantz. Pretty girl though, w/ beautiful hair, and scary sword.

Of cos you did!

More inking practice based on some cosplay images off the net. Didn’t see a name, so apologies to the young lady. 

Skin like leather

Another from that weird cosplay, soft core site. They did some kind of Tomb Raider bit, but I zoned in on the leather jacket. Nice practice.