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What the…?

Remember when I started this arc, that I said the model made some odd choices? Keep in mind, the last pose of the night is 50 min., the…

Still blue (lead) after all this time

Back to the blue, but I got a bit carried away in the texture department— sorry.

Red lead, red rover, send red lead on over

See, like I mentioned a few posts ago, this is a very common pose. I think it has more to do with the stand being up against the…

Well look at that–

I liked this pose, but I never got the head right… ce la vie. I’ve said it before, not everything can be the Mona Lisa. 

Whew, they aired it out

Another recent drawing session for review, and thankfully it had aired out since that stinky guy had been there! Here are some quick sketches to start things off….

Red, white, and blue… leads.

In honor of the 4th, here are a couple of sketches from that recent session where the new model was so good, but the fellow artist stank so…

She wore blue… lead

Yep, I still like the blue lead, maybe because it’s easier to see on the paper in the low lighting of the gallery? Meh, doesn’t matter. Here’s another…

Pinky posed almost akimbo

Ehhhh— sit on it. OK, all of that is only moderately funny, and even then… only if you’re old. Any-hoo— more red lead drawings with that new model….

Even a good session, with a new model — can stink!

New model, and she was really good, except there was one guy in the session who hadn’t had a bath— in a while. WhOaH! When you force a…

Feeling blue (lead) again

Yeah, the wife may like the red lead thing, but I’m still partial to the blue. Call me a traditionalist.

Red Rum — Red Rum

Models seem to love this pose, laying back, with one arm out. If you go back thru my posts, I bet you’ll see similar ones a lot. Is…

In the pink of things

Ok, technically it’s a red lead, but it looks pink in the context; funny how that works.  A 20 min. sketch—

Back to life — drawing

Recent efforts— some quick sketches.

The Blue Queen~ A Murder

Don’t know if it’s a murder, but I butchered this drawing! Hey, at least it’s in the cool, cool blue lead! This was a 55 min pose, and…

The Queen looks to the future

The Queen thinks you need to draw better; and faster!

I usually draw with a stopwatch, so I know where I should be in my process, and how much time I have left. I got too wrapped up…

The Queen needs a Piña Colada!

Seriously, is this not the classic beach pose from an S.I. swimsuit issue? The Queen isn’t just great at holding a pose, but apparently she’s pretty athletic, with…

Queen of elegance!

I love this model for various reasons, the first being her ability to lock in a pose and not drift. She doesn’t just do ones that allow her…

The Queen returns!

My fave life model was back, and in grand form! (Is that a pun? I never know) She did not disappoint, because from the start, she was rockin’!…

Previously, on “downer theater”, more life drawings.

Here’s the last life drawing sone on the same day Notre Dame burned. It’s too bad, because this model was really good, but I just wasn’t in the…