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Don’t push your luck kid, just draw!

Here are some examples of what I talked about earlier in the week. As you can see, I started spending more and more time rendering out the figures…

How wackiki can you get?

I didn’t know how many classic shorts have fallen into the public domain, and I’m surprised how much of their catalogs the big studios allowed to lapse. One…

You get your hare done?

Getting back to Looney Tunes, it’s always interesting when main characters are shifted out of their normal model sheets. Whenever Bugs was in drag, someone all beat up…

The devil is the details!

Most people won’t even catch half of these things, but when I’m given a location, or specific situation, I try to fully set design stuff. I don’t just…

Haunted Beano

The Beano Boss this week has the ability to turn invisible, so I gave the design team an option where the Boss was slightly visible, like Wonder Woman’s…

Where you Beano?

I did a puzzle for this week’s issue, sort of a “Where’s Waldo”, but I think this was my favorite bit.

You Beano bugging me!

An oldie, but a goodie.

Beano a move!

This week will be the last regular Beano stuff from me for a while. I did do some Christmas stuff, so look for that in the holiday issue….

It’s all Beano’d up!

Like my off-brand dessert mix? Plus a little shout out to Julia Child with the mixing bowl ring. Companies don’t make them that way anymore. Bought some recently…

Happy Thanksgiving- Beano style

Is that a mixed metaphor? I guess not, but can you have a Brit celebrating a US holiday? Anyway, sometimes I’m happy with a pic, not by much,…

Always have good Beano-manship

I read recently that students were complaining about having a hard time reading the hand written text in Batman:Year One in a comic art class. I’ve read articles…

I’ll be seeing you again…

For those who might not know, I’ll be back on GI Joe:Real American Hero leading up to issue 300! That means I’ll be back drawing that crazy couple…

Beano getting your roughage?

The family goes to the grocery this week, but there’s only so many shades of green.

A Toots timer on the Prank Academy set!

Ok, so if you “tooned”in on Tuesday, you would know that this payoff panel with Toots wasn’t the original end to this week’s Prank Academy.Originally, Hari was enjoying…

The Wild West–

You may know your Joes, but do you know who this is? Don’t cheat!

Big Beano!

This week’s boss, had some Bart hair going on, and that watch looked like Big Ben on his wrist, it was so big!

Like Beano to my ears

A panel that speaks for itself.

Figure that?

More pose file drapery studies, and hair… can’t get that right. Ugh.

Beano vu!

Not saying that we may repeat certain pranks, but if we did, I might give a clue to when we did it before. Additionally, this prank had an…

Beano it like Beckham!

I like the tooth. Take that pole!