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I pity the fool with No Prize!

Back to my stomping ground of obscure characters in the Joe-verse. I don’t remember this guy at all— But even Roadblock isn’t impressed.

No, um… Joe, Sherlock!

In prepping for my upcoming run on GI Joe:RAH, thought should try to get a feel for one of the new characters that wasn’t in my run.

Ink it up, lil’ darlin’, ink it up!

As promised, here are the inks to that “chunk” off the cover of 291. Can you guess what plot device joins me in my return?

Take the shot! Yo Joe!

Here are the inks for the page of pencils I posted previously. This was my first chance to ink an issue of Joe, and I wanted to do…

Yo, who’s that on Joe?!

That would be me! My fill-in issue of GI Joe (which I got to pencil and ink) was released weeks ago, but originally it wasn’t scheduled to drop…

No Prize- Fire in my hole!

Here’s another “No Prize” for you, and yes, it’s back to the Joes! There’s a hint in the art, and here is another one… he’s the worst names…

No prize awarded for hitting the Grid-Iron!

I didn’t see anyone upload an example to my reference from last week’s Superb Owl post, so no-no-no prize goes to anyone! Anyway, here’s what I was paying…

No Prize on ice

As earlier, I’m playing with adding more shadows, feathering, etc… Bringing in some of the lovely rendering that Mike Perkins is so famous for, but obviously not at…

No Prize in the end zone!

In keeping with the annual event taking place this weekend, I present this week’s “No Prize” Joe! As I mentioned before, I have issue with how helmets are…

No Prize New Tries

As I’ve said, a lot of these sketches are just for practice, or to play with a different look. Usually I tend to lean toward clean, simple lines,…

No prize, & no respect

See if you can figure out who this Joe is? He’s unique in that he exists, and doesn’t; at the same time.

No Prize sea side!

I base most of these No Prize drawings on the model sheets in the “Field Manuals”. The animation sheets generally show more specific detail, but sometimes the toys…

In space no one can hear a No Prize

This one shouldn’t be that hard, oh well. It’s not like you’re paying to play.  ;¬P

Everything old is a new, No Prize!

Giving some hints with the old school references here. When drawing tases guys some of what I do is try to take things I didn’t care for in…

No prize for the bad guys

Most of these sketches are for practice, and trying out ideas. Here I was drawing a bad guy for a change, and thought, “Huh, I should see if…

No way Joe-se!

GI Joe NO-Prize is back! Know who this is? No, it’s NOT Luke Starkiller, nor the original Buck Rogers; that would be copyright infringement.

GI Joe : Real American Hero – No Prize – Dec. 21, 2020

Today’s mystery guest–

GI Joe :Real American Hero – No Prize- Dec. 18, 2020

In the tradition of the Marvel No Prize, don’t just name the character, but tell us your theory justifying my additional detail to the character!

Whatcha know, GIJoe?

There are a ton of Joes, and even as long as I was on the series, I never drew them all. I’ve been posting drawings of the more…

It’s a Knockdown for GIJoe

As I said, I hit the “Field Manual”, find a costume, read the file card, and crank out a shot. I try to modernize some of the elements…