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That’s why he’s a hero!

OK, here’s a shot of the hero doing what they do best… heroic stuff. Red Rooster is available from AllegianceArts in most Wal-Marts!

What a dirty mug of a slug!

This is Slug Mug, he’s obviously the muscle of the gang opposing Red Rooster in the comic from AllegianceArts.

You hear footsteps?

This is another drawing of “Phantom Footsteps” from Red Rooster by AllegianceArts. He is one creepy dude, but even then, not the worst of the group in that…

The bad guys have formed an Allegiance

Here are some of the bad guys from Red Rooster. The guy in the Tux is Fire-for-Hire, the one eating a rat is aptly named “Vermin-Eater”, and the…

Strong arm of the law!

Here’s another companion of Red Rooster… Strong Boy!

Shocking what an Allegiance of baddies will do!

So Jackal Rabbit is the lady friend to this guy, the 4D Man; who has a shocking personality!

Midnight allegiance!

This is Midnight, from the Red Rooster comic out from Allegiance. As I said, it’s a period piece book, and it feels like it’s set in the late…

You gotta have an Allegiance of bad guys to fight!

Here is the untitled leader of the gang from Red Rooster, with the moll of the gang, Jackal-Rabbit.

Reeeeeed Rooster, yum!

This is a character from the comic Red Rooster being put out by the new company Allegiance. It’s a period piece, and has a nice “Rocketeer” feel to…