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Whoops, I dropped a Beano

Meant to post yesterday, but got sidetracked; so today’s a two-fer! Here are some snips from a couple of things coming up in this week’s Beano- which is…

It’s Beano -ing Time!

Ripping off some “thing” there. Got to draw BananaMan for a joke page this week! To find out who he’s facing off against, you’ll have to grab the…

That’s how we became the BananaMan Bunch!

Got to do a Bananman activity page for Beano this week, which was driving me CRAZY from a technical standpoint, with no thanks to Adobe for changing how…

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba- BananaMan!


Beano Man! No wait, BananaMan!

I don’t get to draw the guy very often, and it’s always a treat. He’s like the original Tick, another goofball hero I enjoy.

The Love Beano – soon will be making another run!

Sometimes you get to have a ton of guest stars in a panel, like this great 70s hit.

Pick a Beano – not your nose!

Here are some colors from last week’s Beano. It’s not too late to grab the issue to see the jokes!

Don’t Beano afraid of the Bogey-Man!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t get to draw BananaMan often, and in this issue he’s up a nose. Joy. Here are the pencils from a joke page…

Just Beano monkeying around!

Sometimes a panel gives you a chance to play around. This one was a chance to do some lighting effects… worked out ok. Check out this week’s Beano…

Bogeys the size of a Beano!

I don’t get to draw BananaMan very often, so of course one chance I get… he’s covered in snot! Oh well. Here he is from an upcoming Beano!

Baltimore Beano Bound

Don’t forget! I’ll be at Baltimore Con (Oct 18-20) in the Kids Korner with a fancy new banner— featuring Rubi, Tricky, and the world famous Bananaman! Look for…

What’s new w/ you?

At the end of August, my UK peeps can find my work in the classic “Beano” magazine. I’m taking on a lot of the “Make Me a Menace”…