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How long we Beano here?

Beano is funny in that so many of the characters look almost as old as they would be if they had aged as in real life. What is…

Beano box lunch

I couldn’t figure out how to make a Bento Box joke- oh well.

Beano to the Grave

Here are the colors from the pencils shown earlier in the week. When filling in for David, I try to keep the style similar, not only in models,…

Beano vs Peter Cushing!

So I am ALL over this week’s issue of Beano, including a two page Bash Street Kids. Like the other Halloween themed strips in the issue, the kids…

It’s Beano wonderful!

It’s been a pleasure to fill in for David Sutherland, but you can look forward to seeing his work again next week. No one can match his brilliance,…

Our gang’s all here, like Beano in a pod!

Americans aren’t that familiar with the Beano, so when people ask me what I’m working on, and I tell them the Bash Street Kids, I end up having…

The colored past of Beano

No, I mean literally, in color now, and also available on line thru the app!

It’s a long way to Beano really!

OK, that reference to Tipperary is a bit strained, but still. The script asked that the colors on the Victorian outfits should be a bit drab, but I…

It was the Beano of times, it was the worst of times.

I got to do a joke page for this week’s Beano, and it’s also a historical gag. Fatty just had to be the Dom Deluise emperor from History…

Oh! I do like to Beano by the seaside!

This strip had a great title, “Party like it’s 1899”. What a hoot. 

Beano looking high and below!

The colors for my Dennis activity page! I made references to some films like Ghostbusters, and one that should be easy to get… find “it”?

Beano rough week so far!

Looks like it’s been a rough week for Smiffy!

Beano looking for Dennis the Meance… the U.K. one!

I got to do a Dennis activity for this week’s Beano, but he’s practically not in it! Here’s a clip.

Moshed Beanos!

Another shot you have to do at some point with the Bash Street Kids is them piling up on each other like a scrum!

Beano feeling like a wizard!

Here are the colors for that BSK image from earlier. The skull is actually a couple of Easter eggs in one. Since this story has magic in it,…

Beano cast into a mythical world!

As in some previous posts, this is another case where the script was a giant thumbnail; something you can see more at the top. It’s helpful because the…

It’s a mad Bash to the Beano!

Here are the colors for the BSK group run. I have to say the drool on Danny’s mouth is part of the story, and he’s not coming down…

Bashing a pot of Beanos!

One of the obligatory shots you seem to have in the Bash Street Kids is them running as a group. Here’s my first chance at that!

Bash a little color on that Beano!

Here are the colors for the first Bash Street Kids I’ve gotten to do. One thing that’s also different on BSK from what I normally do, is that…

Don’t Bash my Beano!

Bash as in the Bash Street Kids– not just poor grammar on my part! Anyway, the legendary David Sutherland needed a break, so I’m getting to fill in…