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My Beano is burning!

Seriously, Teacher can’t get a break!

Take a Beano out of crime!

Obligatory torture of “Teacher” in this week’s Beano. You can even have a simple “show-and-tell” without it turning painful for the poor chap.

It’s about to Beano!

As I mentioned previously, I really liked having Mandi worry about the mountain of sweets in the story. When it came time to do a puzzle page, I…

Boston branded Beano

Nothing like a little, subtle, branded, product placement. I can spell Adidas, I just can’t say it.

Full of Beano

Here are the colors to yesterday’s “process” post.

A look Beano hind the scenes- get it?

Some scripts are sent as rough drawings, instead of just typed out. They aren’t fleshed out with all the character action, so there’s a lot of room for…

Beano lot going on!

This was a busy week of work. A four page story, and a puzzle. I didn’t have time to do the cover (not that I enjoy doing them…

Beano and eggs!

Turns out, this was an Easter themed issue. Have a great holiday “peeps”! The main girl in the story wasn’t a pre-existing one, so I got to play…

Busted little Beano

This issue has a shout out to a little kid named Hazel, who had a bit of a fall, and broke an arm. She’s ok, but wanted to…

Busting my Beano, wait- sounds dirty

Was a four pager in the Beano this week, so doubling up on some of the posts. No need to wait, so here are both pencils and finals…

Beano overacting?

Colors to the earlier post, and notice anything different? I thought Mahira’s head was a little big, so I reduced it.

Celebratory Beano fest

Here are the colors to the panel from earlier this week. Freddy is a hoot. 

Doubling down on the Beano

Here are the pencils and colors for the cover to this week’s issue. Covers are a pain, cause they ask you to make all the characters on their…

Mixed bag of Beano

Nothing like a goofy reaction shot. I try to keep the kids from making the same pose, or face, but sometimes mass confusion rules.

Beano put back on the job!

Well, back on Beano for now. Love me some Freddy, he’s just fun to draw.

Didn’t go down without a Beano

Roughs for yesterday’s image, and apparently my last Beano for a while. Not sure who I annoyed this time, but… it’s a talent of mine.

Beano looking for a fight?

A tiny detail, but the spots of light thru the colander on Freddy’s head were fun.

Beano feeling a bit rough?

Get it? Cause here are the “roughs” for yesterday’s panel.

Formula Beano Racing

Hard stop in the halls? Lean back to maintain your balance!

Beano Bam and Bash!

The draft for yesterday’s image.