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Gol-ly Sarge, Shazam!

Suped up!

I’m never happy with my work, but then I’ve never known an artist who was worth a damn, that really was. I go back and forth between wanting…

Baltimore Con will be a Wonder! Well, Wonder Woman thinks so!

Here is another sketch of the greatest lady hero! Sorry, but you can’t get this one at Baltimore Con (which is this weekend Oct 18-20), it’s spoken for….

Up, up, and out of her way!

Still enjoying these Bombshell, retro designed, costumes. The fun bit is doing the research and seeing all the details that you don’t notice right off. On this one,…

Rocket gal! Burning out her fuse up here alone

More Bombshell ladies! Kind of enjoying them to be honest, because it’s like the Rocketeer; only with more options.

You must be my lucky Star…girl.

Hadn’t really drawn the DC Bombshells before, and I’m diggin’ it.

All the world depends upon you…

And the sketches that you do!

No Ma! It’s…a geekfest!

Actually, NOMA is an organization that provides services, and holds events, in the DC area to promote businesses, and better living. This coming Tuesday (Mar 12) they’re hosting…

Well, Shazam Sarge!

Oh Gomer, you card! Also in the pile for Baltimore Con!

She’s a super Star…fire

Starfire- the post-52 version. Give the lady a little respect will ya?

Flash mob