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Wolves Beano

I got to toss Tricky into a panel, and so I swipe– er, paid homage to a costume design from Jack Davis’ work on the Mad Monster Party.

Get this walking Beano out of my way!

The Har-Har kids are dressed up as a mad scientist, and a wookie. Essentially, that’s big foot, with a bandolier– let’s be honest.

It was a dark, and Beano evening

This week is the Halloween issue of Beano, even though another book will be out before the holiday; go fig. Anyway, in some of the strips the kids…

It’s Captain Beano and the Cat!

The Editor Reader this week was supposed to be in a super hero costume, and originally I was going to make it Captain America, but it’s England, so…

Beano creeping toward Halloween!

The Beanos I’ve been getting to work on are close to Halloween, so of course there are a lot of scary pranks. Here’s Tricky’s mom and dad reacting…

Happy Halloween!

Have fun, and be spooky!