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MANTIS Henshin!

Here are the inks of MANTIS, the tokusatsu inspired hero from Jordan Gibson! He said he plans to drop color on this, so when I get that I’ll…

Mantis KICK!

Here’s a sketch I did of Jordan Gibson’s MANTIS, his homage to all the tokusatsu shows we both love. Come back later for the inks!

The dark knight… no, the other one

No, not that one either! I mean the other, other one; the one from Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Henshin! Gatak Attack!

Another Kamen Rider sketch- cause I just can’t be bothered. Anyway, if you follow this blog, you know I love me some blue lead. A few of the…

Henshin Drag- uh, Dragen?

Someone is doing a Kamen Rider themed month of images, but honestly, with Intober coming up, it’s a bit much to commit to.  I’m just going to randomly…

Extremely belated con sketches ed.01A

Here’s the follow up to Monday, Kamen Rider Amazons now in COLOR! Again, sorry for the scan, off my phone- sucker was massive.

Extremely belated con sketches: edition 01

The first edition in a line of extremely late con sketches— How do we measure time? How long is a year, really? First the B&W line art, check…

Mail call! Kamen Rider shipping decor

A recent package piece based on Kamen Rider Amazons

GIJoe:RAH i237 Cover in the RAW!

From this week’s release, naked art, with no ink! There’s a crap load of “easter eggs” on this, and in this issue. See if you can name them…

My wife rocks!

When I went to Baltimore Con this year, I found a present from my wife crammed into one of my bags. She knows I’m a big Kamen Rider…

More crap mail art—

I wish I had more time to spend on these things when I do them, but usually it’s “get’er done, n gone!” sort of situations. Here’s the outside,…

Pencils of convention freebie: Kamen Rider OOOs vs Snake Eyes!

Not only did I have a new banner this year, but I had new giveaway cards printed up. I’m on a Japanese kick lately, and the source of…

Baltimore Con Sept 2-4!

Don’t forget! This weekend is Baltimore Con! You can check out the amazing list of guests on their website, and I’ll be sharing table 221 with GI Joe inker…

I’m on the jazz! New postcards for #Baltimore Con!

The new postcard/prints are in! Here’s a sneak peek. Stop by the table I’ll be sharing with Brian Shearer at Baltimore Con to grab this new convention addition! This sucker is really more of a…

Baltimore Con~ Postcards!

Or as I say to kids at the shows, “Things old people send to each other, that take days to arrive!” They’re going to be larger than previous…

It’s Space Time!

A little package art I sent to a friend. Nothing special.  

Man, oh man, oh Manga

Another manga school girl— careful with that. And for those in the the know… Ta-To-Ba! TaToBa!

Anything Goes!

Kamen Rider OOOs!