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Nice parcels you got there, Betty

Some quick mail art I did for a friend over Christmas. I can’t show you what we mailed… hee hee, but it was very Betty.

Additional postage needed

Another recent package piece…

Mail Art~ Feb 2017-02

Mail art for my mom— she loves her some Bugs Bunny. We went to Santa Fe recently, hence the theme here.

Mail Art~ Feb 2017-01

A couple from recent images off packages sent to family— No theme here… really just the characters they enjoy.  

Holiday Mail Art ~03

I’m sure I did this one before too, but I’m not that clever, and always in a rush to get things in the mail. This was for my…

Holiday Mail Art ~01

The holidays mean more mail/package art than usual. Look for more to pop up… The wife makes cookies for my mom, so I pack ’em up, and ship…