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Beano vu!

Not saying that we may repeat certain pranks, but if we did, I might give a clue to when we did it before. Additionally, this prank had an…

Stop Beano so gross!

Sometimes the best bit is drawing a character emoting how grossed out they are. Check out this week’s issue to find out why.

Beano time!

Might need the pill version after all that cartoon broccoli.

A Beano gullible, aren’t you?

I seriously wanted to put “world’s most gullible dad” on the mug, but it didn’t fit. Then I was going to put “world’s biggest sucker”, but apparently lollipops…

A little Beano told me

I try to research even silly stuff, like what types of birds would you see.

Juiced Beano

It’s harder to make people look like their struggling with a straw than you think it is. Trust me.

Beano fest- again

To find out what gag Tricky is pulling on the family, you have to check out this week’s Beano, but it obviously requires mom working in the kitchen….

In a Beano where hope is lost…

Not every shot you’re asked to do is a thrilling, action scene. This one was simply described as “Then replace the pump on the sink“. The adventure, the…

Beano drinking on the job!

The prank file this week doesn’t go down well for Tricky’s mom. After all these years (of being pranked), you’d think they’d put him up for adoption?

Beano bulbs go bust!

Colors from the “P-Files” in this week’s Beano. It’s a simple solution for implying low light, but quick, and effective. 

Beano gives me the winds

A lot of toilet humor this week in the Beano. I had to show them coming into the bathroom, and I had to toss in an Easter egg,…