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Life drawing? Almost…

Here’s another pose file image, but I hope to post stuff soon from the life drawing session that happened on Monday.

Unarmed Cos-bat!

I don’t think that’s regulation.

Cos I’m in love with Florence Nightingale!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bubbling over with joy

More non-life drawing, with the same model as on Monday. She’s a goofball.

Careful! COS you might trip on the stairs.

Another nurse outfit image from the pose files.

A rose by any other name, but what about Dandelions?

More (non) life drawing, and same girl as I ended with last week. Can you tell? No? Well… dang! Practice, practice.

Can you type 90 posts a minute?

I can barely do a drawing in 90 minutes! Anyway, here’s another sketch of the same girl who was in the selfie image I did. You’d never guess…

It’s all about you, isn’t it?

More non-life drawing, and this one was more about her expression; which caused me no end of trouble. She had this cute grin, and I never got her…

Itsy Bitsy Non-Life Drawing

Doing a lot of (non) life drawings to get my chops back up before doing Joe, and obviously most are from Japanese reference books. Don’t know if it…

It’s called clubbing, not “swording”!

I think you got the outfit rocking for a night of clubbing, but your choice in accessories is a bit off.  

Mo manga!

Still working on this! I got some great reference books thru a family friend who made a recent trip to Japan; so thanks Liu! Here are a few…