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Baltimore Beano Bound

Don’t forget! I’ll be at Baltimore Con (Oct 18-20) in the Kids Korner with a fancy new banner— featuring Rubi, Tricky, and the world famous Bananaman! Look for…

This Beano bath is going to feel so good!

Hope his parts aren’t almost frozen! And here are the colors from this week’s strip!

Game of Beano

A double does this week! I’ve got a puzzle in this week’s Beano as well as a Rubi strip. I’m sure no one will get what this references,…

Only a bit of Beano this week, but later is Baltimore Con! (Oct 18-20,2019)

This week’s issue was drawn while serving jury duty, yea me. To keep things simple, I only hauled around my iPad. That meant it was all done in…

It’s all Beano cleaned up, ma!

Why do I do it? The script reads simply enough, and shouldn’t take forever to do, but I still seem to find ways of making it overly complicated….


I’m going with a new weekly format for a while, by only doing one post a week about Beano. I’m still going to show off the pencils, and…

Beano you little dirt devil, you!

Here are the finals on that panel from this week’s Beano! That’s some serious modification on a Henry vacuum!

Beano Buster

Pencils from this week’s Beano, just look at my suped up vac! And remember US pals, like the Prof, you can get Beano digitally via their app!

BONUS POST: Back to the Future Beano! (Belated)

So, there was some type of inter-web snafu last week, and apparently this didn’t post. Let’s try it again! Here’s that panel from earlier (issue 4k), now in…

Beano and eggs, again?

Yes, but does it do windows? Here’s that panel in color! Like my Chicken Run chicks?

Eggs Beano-dict

First off- Happy Birthday to my mom… who made all this possible. As to this week’s Beano, here’s another one of those machines  I have to create. This…

Beano to the future!

From the upcoming Beano, I got to draw an older Rubi, plus Blade Runner up the place!

Come with me, and you’ll see, a Beano full of imagination!

Here’s that machine from the post seen earlier in the week. Can you guess what it produces? If not, check out this week’s Beano!

If you Beano it, will they… know what it is?

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano! I get to design various gadgets for Rubi, but I try to keep things in check. Basically, I want the objects…

Beano done before!

Here’s the inked and colored version from a few days ago- you can see in the repost below how little info was in Rubi, compared to the final.

Raw Bean-Os

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano, and you follow this blog, you might notice how my pencils are getting a little looser. I’m trying not to over…

Bot, bot… it’s BBQ time!

Here’s the color version from today’s Beano! I like changing up the outfits on the characters. It bugs me when every one in a comic has a wardrobe…

BBQ Beano- Uncooked!

In tomorrow’s Beano there’s a little tokusatsu tribute to ByClosser. Not who gets it, but do the right people get it… as Joel and the bots would say.

Count every little Beano

Historian I am not, but I do try to get details right. I’m sure there are a ton of mistakes in these… but don’t @ me… it curdles…

Napoleon Beano-part

There’s a show in the UK called “Horrible Histories” which I’m sure can be found online someplace. They teach facts from history thru comedy skits… sort of. I’ve…