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Hulk want banana!

I posted a sketch of the Hulk not so long ago, and usually I draw a bigger version of the old TV Hulk. When I try to make…

Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random ninja ~ 12 : Snake-Eyes shooting off some steam

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Randomly released~ 10 : Sgt. Lost-License

Happy Friday the 13th you scum, now drop and give me 20!

Random in red~ 09 : Scarlett in solitude

Destructively random~ 05 : #Destro

Baltimore Con Sketch~01

Here’s a sketch from Baltimore Con of a lady Snow Serpent. This is before the Mr. Shearer put his inks to it. I hope he posts his version,…

Alien- no, not the movie one…

Design for possible upcoming series.

TV Doodles p02

Another doodle during “Werewolf of London” on Svengoolie. About 2″ tall.

TV Doodles

During Svengoolie – “Werewolf of London”— only about 1.5” tall in reality.

Hulk NOT happy!

I go thru waves where I just keep drawing a specific character, and lately it’s old gamma boy.