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Don’t go losing your head!

But the last IDW GI Joe drops today… 300, the end of an era! I wish all the best to the next creative team that gets to work…

Wait for it!

Cause the final issue doesn’t drop until next week!

Ouch! Right in the store!

No crotch, no Krav Maga! And if anyone accuses me of stealing layt-ers out ideas from Butch Guice- I deny everything!

It’s a very special day!

Lay down! Try to relax!

Do you really want to… SLAP me?

Oh, Snap! It’s Snake George! From the silliest damn Joe episode ever. It’s almost Thanksgiving, so feast on this! I hope I got all the cliche 80s imagery…

Happy Valentine’s Day the Joe Way!

Nothing says romance, like a burned hero carrying his love to safety, after a copter crash!

Do you wanna make me cry?

Then remember when this was part of GI Joe—

Random ninja ~ 12 : Snake-Eyes shooting off some steam

Random issues~ 08 : It’s a family thing with Dawn

Silently random~ 04 : Dawn/Snake-Eyes

Belated Con Sketches- epilogue

When prepping for Awesome Con, I found a couple of sketch covers I was supposed to do… from last year’s Baltimore Con! D’oh! Here’s one of them…

GIJoe RAH: i238 CVR Pencils

Doubling down on the release schedule, because apparently this issue drops today~ or so I’ve been told. If not, meh, look for it later. For now, here are…

Pencils of convention freebie: Kamen Rider OOOs vs Snake Eyes!

Not only did I have a new banner this year, but I had new giveaway cards printed up. I’m on a Japanese kick lately, and the source of…

Baltimore Con Sept 2-4!

Don’t forget! This weekend is Baltimore Con! You can check out the amazing list of guests on their website, and I’ll be sharing table 221 with GI Joe inker…

I’m on the jazz! New postcards for #Baltimore Con!

The new postcard/prints are in! Here’s a sneak peek. Stop by the table I’ll be sharing with Brian Shearer at Baltimore Con to grab this new convention addition! This sucker is really more of a…

“So long old friend…”

The sappy song from the original Garfield special is what I always want to start singing to myself now when I draw classic Snake Eyes. Here’s a bit…

Merry Christmas!

Now, some holiday sketches from various packages that hit the mail waves. Happy Holidays to you and yours!     And one for the Joe fans!  

It’s a mad house!

I’ve seen the final of this floating around FB, so I thought I’d post the pencils for those who care. Enjoy!