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Here are some boards I did for a spot intended to advertise an equestrian show in DC. Don’t get to draw horses very often, but I’m not against…

Breathe easy!

Another set of storyboards for the teen focused, anti-smoking campaign.  

Smoke ’em if you got ’em… not!

Here’s a board for a “Smoke Free Teens” spot.

Retro style

Going back to “style” as a concept, here’s an example of what I meant. When designing mascots, you’re really just exploring different styles a character would be done…

Switching events around, event renderings anyway.

Some of my commercial work are event renderings, which is basically a drawing to show clients what a show might look like. Usually they’re to launch a product,…

Mining the resources… of storyboards.

Here is a storyboard for a campaign against oil dependency, which was supposed to be an animated spot that felt a bit like an old School House Rock…

One last piece of trash, I mean… recycling.

Here is the last set of storyboards from the recycling campaign.

Don’t throw out those old storyboards!

Here are more boards from the recycling campaign, and this was an animated spot, obviously.

Pandemicly board!

Two misspelled words… on purpose! Ha! I don’t usually show my commercial work, but I thought I’d fill in some gaps on the schedule by showing other stuff…