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Beano scared lately?

Here are some of the colors from the puzzle page I did for the summer special. Dennis and his dad are always fun to draw; mostly because I…

Am I seeing Beano?

In the summer special I also got to do a puzzle, but I got confused. I thought it was supposed to have Tricky and his dad in it,…

Bing Bong Beano !

Beano brother is watching you!

As mentioned last week, here are the colors from this year’s summer special! Tomorrow the second image.  Sneaked in a little Trek this time.

Beano limber more than usual lately?

It’s a Beano feast this summer!

There’s also a Beano summer special, and I got my first three page story in it. Whew! Lotta work! Not sure when it hits, but I’m showing some…