Turtle wax on, turtle wax off

Again, playing with turtle poses and details.

Better one? Better Two?

Playing with the details, and getting a feel for the guy. More to come, plus late in the week, I’ll post a try-out page with a guest star!

Stick it to da man!

Another audition pic. More to come next week!

Lift with your legs, dude!

More from the audition files

Hero in a Half Shell!

It’s finally been announced that I’m doing the prequel series to the popular “Last Ronin”, and before that came audition images. I’m gonna post a few while I’m…

Teenage Mutant… you know the rest

Just a quick sketch, playing with the shapes, and the feet which always look like Nightcrawler’s in my versions.

Hey hey, ninja turtle, coming’ down the street…

Tell us what you’re gonna do!