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Package art- forgotten edition!

I didn’t post this because I didn’t want my friend  to see it before he got his mail. Then of course, I forgot to post it. It’s a total take on Garcia_Lopez’…

Holiday Mail Art ~02

Everyone loves “A Christmas Story“, and especially the lamp, but when DC did their versions, they only did Batman and Superman (that I saw). I always thought that…

Yep, still want this gig!

Tap~Tap~ this thing on? If so, yes! I’d still love a chance to draw me some wide lapels, Lincoln town cars, and sideburn lamb-chops!   

Wonder Woman catches up with Steve!

Yeah, I always wondered why he didn’t say that instead?

Stop a bullet cold–

A little Lynda Carter love— cause who doesn’t?

In the great Hall of the Justice League…