Life drawing, episode 03— oh grow up.

“They called breasts Vivian, and everybody has them.” This was the first of the longer poses, and 15 min.

More life drawing (e02)

FYI— These B&W images were 5 minute sketches… And don’t forget— I’ll be at Baltimore Con Sep 28-30, at the B’more Con Center!

Finally, some real drawing!

I mean, uh, finally some life drawing! Yeah, that’s it, not that comics, aren’t… um, well, — uh… With recent changes to my Krav schedule, I can now…

Mail call! Package art anyway.

A recent piece of Sherlock Hound that should be familiar to any Miyazaki fans. Remember I’ll be at Baltimore Con at the end of the month, shackled… uh,…

Maybe it’s just a migraine?

Maybe its Spider-sense? Maybe it’s Maybelline?     And don’t forget, I’ll be at Baltimore Con at the end of this month! Drop by the Kids Corner to…

Well, Shazam Sarge!

Oh Gomer, you card! Also in the pile for Baltimore Con!

Silk-y smooth with a hint of webbing

Also up for grabs at Baltimore Con.

Ano Hana Bobana, Fanana Mana…

Or something like that. Loved this anime, but it had me bawling like a baby at the end. Available for a caring home, at Baltimore Con!

Kicking it really old school- like stone age, man!

  Man, I miss this show. Another one that’ll be available at Baltimore Con!    

Don’t Mock(ingbird) me!

Another sketch that will be available at Baltimore Con!

Baltimore Con 2018 (Sep 28-30)

Hey gang, I’ll be at Baltimore Con in the Kids Korner, sitting next to Brian Shearer! You don’t have to be a kid to come by, and say…

What’s new w/ you?

At the end of August, my UK peeps can find my work in the classic “Beano” magazine. I’m taking on a lot of the “Make Me a Menace”…

Random Cajun ~ 14 : Zartan slices up a snake

OK, last one for a bit, but I’m sure they’ll be more. Have a great summer!

Random Rat ~ 13 : Tunnel Rat in his element

Random ninja ~ 12 : Snake-Eyes shooting off some steam

Random shot pattern ~ 11 : Baroness with silencers

Randomly released~ 10 : Sgt. Lost-License

Happy Friday the 13th you scum, now drop and give me 20!

Random issues~ 08 : It’s a family thing with Dawn

Random in red~ 09 : Scarlett in solitude

Randomness rules~ 07 : Cobra Commander is a Tears for Fears fan