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Baltimore Con Sept 2-4!

Don’t forget! This weekend is Baltimore Con! You can check out the amazing list of guests on their website, and I’ll be sharing table 221 with GI Joe inker…


GIJoe RAH #231 Interior Pencils

Here are the first 3 pages from #231 in their original pencil form. I guess the IADC had to make some layoffs, but I’m glad she found another…


GIJoe RAH #231 Cover Pencils

Since the issue came out today, thought I’d post some pencils from it, this week. Here’s the cover, sans inks. Check back on Friday for more!


Artistic growth and how it ruined #GI Joe 231

OK, I hope it didn’t, because I was kidding. If it did, that’s on me. ;¬P No, what I mean is, I’ve always felt that an important aspect…


I’m on the jazz! New postcards for #Baltimore Con!

The new postcard/prints are in! Here’s a sneak peek. Stop by the table I’ll be sharing with Brian Shearer at Baltimore Con to grab this new convention addition! This sucker is really more of a…


Love it when a plan comes together—

Ok, I may not be considered A-team material— yet, but the new banner is in. Sneak peak! Stop by the table I’ll be sharing with Brian Shearer at Baltimore…

Baltimore Con Logo

Baltimore Con~ Postcards!

Or as I say to kids at the shows, “Things old people send to each other, that take days to arrive!” They’re going to be larger than previous…


Baltimore Con! Sept 2-4!

Just to let you know- I’ll be appearing at Baltimore Con the first weekend of September (2-4)! I’m not sure where I’ll be sitting yet, but I’m confident you’ll…


Wonder Woman vs Bionic Woman

Man I wish I had gotten this gig.

Super_Six_Elevator Man

Meet the Men from Super Service~

More “Super 6” sketches. Sometimes I try to make up model sheet drawings while watching cartoons, but without pausing or doing screen shots. I think it forces you to…


Remind me ta kill you later!

American Mythology has a Three Stooges comic that I’ve done some art for. One of the things I did was a parody of the old Sea Monkey comic…


GI Joe:Real American Hero #230 pencils!

New issue out today! Here are the first few pages in their pure pencil form. Enjoy!


GI Joe:Real American Hero #230 Pencils

New issue of GI Joe comes out this week, so mark your calendars! As if you haven’t already? Here are the pencils for the cover.

Capt Whammo-Zammo

Super 6, Super Siiiiix! Battle criminals and all their evil games!

I really enjoy this rarely seen cartoon from the late 60s, with it’s a mix of Super Friends heroics and Bullwinkle absurdity. It was voiced by a lot…


Shout out to Fredcon!

Had a blast at Fredcon, and the show looked to be a big success! Congrats to Sam Ellis for putting together a great convention! Hope to see you…


Last reminder- don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I’ll be at Fredcon tomorrow, drop in, say hello!


Plan ahead!

Don’t forget, I’ll be at FredCon this weekend! Hope to see you all there!


FredCon~ July 16th!

Letting everyone know I’ll be at FredCon on July 16th in Fredericksburg, VA at the Spotsylvania Mall! It’s free admission! For more details, check out their Facebook page, or…

GI Joe Sale_7_16

Happy 4th of July!

What says Happy 4th of July, or is more American, than a GI Joe (digital) sale at Comixology? NOTHING!


It’s Space Time!

A little package art I sent to a friend. Nothing special.