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Hunka, hunka, Beano Love

This week, Danny tossed in an Elvis reference, which I thought was purposely aimed at me. I had mentioned my dad in a recent post, but that hadn’t…

A snake in Beano skin!

Here are the colors from that “P-Files” panel. Nothing like a Texas rattler to liven things up.

Beano up among the clouds!

Here are the colors from part of the editor reader segment. I didn’t mention it last time, but man, this tree house shot stressed me out. Hope it…

A Beano, is a Beano, is a Beano.

Here are the colors from Rubi this week, with those funny sound effects. Hee hee!

If it had Beano snake, it’ve bit me!

Like I mentioned, I’m all over Beano this week, from Rubi, the prank files, to the editor reader segments. This is from the “P-Files”, with a little tribute…

Beano literal much?

Here’s another Nigel script, where you can see the thumbs under my drawing. What amuses me about Beano are the literal sound effects. What a hoot. It reminds…

Kicking Beano!

Next week I’m all over Beano! I have Rubi, but I’m also doing the prank files, and the editor reader segments! Whew! Tune in next week to see…

Beano scared lately?

Here are some of the colors from the puzzle page I did for the summer special. Dennis and his dad are always fun to draw; mostly because I…

That’s gotta hurt a Beano !?

Here are the colors from the Earth day strip I mentioned earlier this week. Aw  Pie-Face, what a dope.

Am I seeing Beano?

In the summer special I also got to do a puzzle, but I got confused. I thought it was supposed to have Tricky and his dad in it,…

Beano Bang Clang!

This week the image are from the Earth Day special. You can see the original thumbnail under my drawing. Nigel, the writer on this draws out his strips,…

Bing Bong Beano !

Beano brother is watching you!

As mentioned last week, here are the colors from this year’s summer special! Tomorrow the second image.  Sneaked in a little Trek this time.

This Beano here, is beyond me!

Spearhead -ing the idea of more GIJoe sketches!

I didn’t get to draw all the Joes while on the book, and there’s certainly a lot of them. I like the guys with animal sidekicks (don’t call…

You’re a Beano counter!

Beano limber more than usual lately?

It’s a Beano feast this summer!

There’s also a Beano summer special, and I got my first three page story in it. Whew! Lotta work! Not sure when it hits, but I’m showing some…

Like it even Beano in color!

It’s a Bazooka, Joe!

Often ridiculed, rarely loved… Bazooka!