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Murder She… did it! She got them all! Come on people, admit it!

Here’s the color version of yesterday’s post. Love ya, love ya, love ya!

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like… MURDER!

And where else would you find a dead body, but in the presence of J.B. Fletcher? Here are pencils I did on a card for a friend’s birthday;…

Beano day out, and we’ve forgotten the crackers!

A lot of my invention designs are obviously influenced by Wallace & Gromit.

The Love Beano – soon will be making another run!

Sometimes you get to have a ton of guest stars in a panel, like this great 70s hit.

Lady Rider, do do do do dee do

I’d still love to see an “Amazons” type reboot with lady Rider “Tackle”. I tried to give her more of an Asian beetle design, rather than a lady…

Beano ok run so far!

Wasn’t bad. Here are the colors from yesterday’s panel. Check out the issue, hitting stands today!

On Beano mark, get set…

Penciled panel from tomorrow’s issue.

Previously… on Instagram

A little while ago, I posted the final of this (done in @procreate ), but here is the original draft for that #Punchface #animation, based on the #comicbook created…

Rider Kicking it!

With all the rumors swirling about future plans over at Shout Factory, I thought I should toss these out for people to enjoy… especially the guys working so…

Beano around the world and I…I…I… can’t find my Beano!

Little Lisa Stansfield reference there… dating myself aren’t I? Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano, guest starring Billy Whiz!

Beano shaking off the blues

I was going to make a “Shake it”–Taylor Swift reference, but I’m too old to get away with that. Sometimes I like to break the fourth wall, or…

It was a big ole Beano box!

Here is the art from a puzzle page I did for this week’s Beano. The big display had to reference the helmet the Dad wears in the strip….

Beano dreaming the night away!

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano! A little nod to a couple of British icons in this strip. Teddy Potter is a hybrid Easter egg!

Pick a Beano – not your nose!

Here are some colors from last week’s Beano. It’s not too late to grab the issue to see the jokes!

Don’t Beano afraid of the Bogey-Man!

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t get to draw BananaMan often, and in this issue he’s up a nose. Joy. Here are the pencils from a joke page…

Just Beano monkeying around!

Sometimes a panel gives you a chance to play around. This one was a chance to do some lighting effects… worked out ok. Check out this week’s Beano…

Bogeys the size of a Beano!

I don’t get to draw BananaMan very often, so of course one chance I get… he’s covered in snot! Oh well. Here he is from an upcoming Beano!

2019 stunk, like baked Beano in a bucket!

No seriously, 2019 will not go down as a good one in my book. No sir, I didn’t like it! On the upside, here’s a panel from an…

That was great, we love it… but you’re canceled.

Here’s another unused cover from the book that got canceled. This one barely made it out of the gate, so it didn’t get past the blue line stage;…

What? He’s doing military stuff again?

If you don’t know anything about my career, I’m sure my site comes across like the ping pong ramblings of a schizophrenic (not badmouthing the mentally ill, so…