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Caught from Beano-hind!

Everyone in the line is a regular character in Beano, but can people recognize them from this angle?

Spider Beano, Spider Beano!

Yeah, not really climbing the wall like a mutated hero, but what the heck.

Nailed the colors on this Dandy!

More colors from my first Jock and Geordies strip. I didn’t know it before, but I’m doing two more stories of them for the Dandy 2022 annual, so…

What a Beano idea!

It’s odd how even clichés used in comics, cartoons, and animation, has to change with the shift in technology. The classic “idea bulb” over the head, went from…

Hurt so much – saw Dandy ole stars!

From one of my Jock and Geordies story in the Dandy 2022 annual!

Old Beano

Boss this week reminded me of a childhood friend, who has similarly bright red hair. I always liked it because it was different from everyone else’s. This is…

Resting Beano Face

I guess I’m a dork, but it’s the subtle stuff I enjoy the most. I love the shade being cast.

In like a wrecking Beano!

As earlier in the week, you can’t show the cast in a way that seems inappropriate. That said, it’s amazing how secure skirts are in Beanotown. I will…

Jocks & Geordies Dandy in color!

Here are the title and the panel from page 01 of my Jocks and Geordies story in this year’s annual. It was a challenge to make sure I…

Beano brand loyalty

I showed this brand parody a few weeks ago, and we ended up doing another ice cream based gag. I like to try and keep details consistent, from…

Mosura! Mosura! Dongan kasakuyan indo muu…

Well today is the day! Godzilla Rivals: G v Mothra hits the stands! Please grab one, as it was a labor of love for me… emphasis on labor;…

Oh Snap! You Beano yatch!

One of my favorite panels in a while. Yeah, it’s simple, but I like it anyway.

Up from the depths… Godzilla!

You may remember a while back I posted a bunch of Gojira sketches, well those were all auditions to work on a Godzilla comic. Apparently Godzilla Rivals: G v…

Stop a Beano cold, make the Axis fold

Beano Boss was a Wonder Woman fan this week- good on her!

Staging is a real Beano

For this Boss strip, there was a panel where all the kids have their shoes tied together, causing them to fall as group. It’s a kid book, so…

It’s falling Dandy around me!

More pencils from my Jock and Geordies work in the Dandy 2022 annual! 

Whiz comics – Beano style!

Ha! See what I did there? If not, you’re not old enough. If you did… you’re old.

A lil’ B.I.Y. – Beano It Yourself

The kids build a shelf in this week’s issue, but as I’ve mentioned, I try to draw the series more like a comic book, than a strip. That…

Good Geordie that hurt!

Double drop today! Here are some pencils from a Jocks & Geordies strip in the Dandy 2022 annual!  It was a pain to draw! Get it?! No really,…

Goal! Beano! Goal!

The Beano Boss for this week, was a soccer… er, “football” fan. Goal!