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She’s just a country girl with the blues

I admit, I like this one better converted to grayscale. Maybe this time it’s because of her outfit? Here’s how it looked originally.

Better Beano back my stuff!

Teacher is doesn’t take kindly to you pilfering his stuff! Sorry to the Brits out there, but the globe is just easier to draw from this side.

Granny Beano burning up the track!

Colors for the previous sketch.

Washi you were here

This was originally a blue image, but I liked it more converted to gray. That might be because it was a pain, and I redrew it multiple times….

You don’t mess around with a Beano

Of course Teacher wants his stuff back!

Grandma just ran over a big Beano

In this week’s Beano, Dennis’ grandma terrorizes Teacher… cause everyone wants to get in on the act, I guess? I don’t draw the Dennis strip, so getting characters…

Beano lot of pain lately

Colors for Teacher’s run in with a Venus fly trap. It doesn’t get any better for him.

On Beano and needles

That’s gotta sting! Not the musician, the… oh never mind.

Black is the new blue

Pulled out a marker for this one. It was a blue line, but haven’t inked on paper in a while. Nothing special.

My Beano is burning!

Seriously, Teacher can’t get a break!

Take a Beano out of crime!

Obligatory torture of “Teacher” in this week’s Beano. You can even have a simple “show-and-tell” without it turning painful for the poor chap.

It’s about to Beano!

As I mentioned previously, I really liked having Mandi worry about the mountain of sweets in the story. When it came time to do a puzzle page, I…

Boston branded Beano

Nothing like a little, subtle, branded, product placement. I can spell Adidas, I just can’t say it.

Full of Beano

Here are the colors to yesterday’s “process” post.

A look Beano hind the scenes- get it?

Some scripts are sent as rough drawings, instead of just typed out. They aren’t fleshed out with all the character action, so there’s a lot of room for…

Beano lot going on!

This was a busy week of work. A four page story, and a puzzle. I didn’t have time to do the cover (not that I enjoy doing them…

Beano and eggs!

Turns out, this was an Easter themed issue. Have a great holiday “peeps”! The main girl in the story wasn’t a pre-existing one, so I got to play…

Blue right down my shirt

Based on a photo book. Not sure if she was just putting the sweater on, taking it off, looking for crumbs, checking for spiders … who knows? Still…

Busted little Beano

This issue has a shout out to a little kid named Hazel, who had a bit of a fall, and broke an arm. She’s ok, but wanted to…

Mucha much?

More blue, and from another photo book. I loved the fabric in this, and tried to capture the subtle silhouette of her form under the skirt. I always…