Like Swashbucklers, or Micronauts, I used to eat up some Dreadstar. I really loved it more when he looked like a hermit. It helped that he had a Thundarr vibe, with the lightsaber-like sword, his version of Aerial, the cat guy was sort of a Mok, and then you had the yoda type dude to round off the main team. 61552-3477-94547-1-dreadstar-and-compan

When it was on sale recently I bought the omnibus. I hate to say it, but I always thought Willow was just Scarlett from GI Joe- with a monkey.


Anyway, this got me sketching, so the next few posts will be from my playing around with these characters. Since I mentioned Willow specifically, I’ll start with her; especially since I changed her costume the most. I’m starting from the beginning of the series, so remember…Willow can’t see. She uses her powers to let the monkey act as her eyes. Ok, I admit, the angle didn’t really work. Instead of a low shot with her pet in the foreground, the sucker just looks like a gorilla. Oh well. We try.