New idea— how about I pick pages I was happy with (hahahaha) from recent issues. No matter how great inks are, they never have the same energy as the original pencils (unless you’re Butch Guice). There’s simply something about graphite on paper, and it’s always been my favorite thing in art, because it’s where/when the idea happens. The rest feels like more layers of process, to me (keep those argumentative emails on how you disagree to yourself, it’s all opinion). Here are a few recent pages I was sort of proud of, not enough to risk sending them to Butch for review, but enough to let everyone else see ’em.   ;¬P

A couple of pages from the recent “all ladies” issue, that balance simplicity against complexity. I love quiet moments, and it’s something which Butch does incredibly well. He’s able to get a sense of tension into in the most mundane scenes, but I’m still working on that. Those who know how I define Lady Jaye will get what part of this I tried to heighten; but it really is just a nice moment between old friends. There’s a connection here, and it’s personal. There’s the focus on subtle gestures, and closing in on the face, makes a more intimate moment of it.


In contrast to that, here’s the next page, set in a curio shop. Where the previous one was in a sparsely decorated army base office, I wanted this to have an overwhelming sense of clutter. Keep in mind the writer dictated the environments, but often artists will cut corners for time. Some might put a few items in the shot to fill the requirements of the script and establish the stage, but I wanted to emphasize how the ladies are surrounded by the complexity of the world. It’s essentially the same idea, two women talking, but in vastly different environments; and reflecting the content of the conversations. The first is the joy over a friend’s return, and a personal connection. The other visually reflects the convoluted issues two women are addressing at the time. I hope I achieved my goals, even if I didn’t… look at all that crap!