This is a special edition since everyone was out having fun on Memorial Day!

If you got out on Free Comic Book Day (FCBD-keepin’ it street), and managed to find my Pink Pan-Thor comic from American Mythology, then you probably saw my first writin’ credit. Well a couple of pages in it I really enjoyed drawing, so I thought I’d share the original pencils with you.

The first was actually a mini-Easter egg of Eric Powell‘s the Goon, as the robber. Remember, Goon was always a mobster, and pretended to be the muscle for a crime boss. When Eric first started his book, I did a couple of back up comic strips, that were done in a more cartoon style. Now, inherently, when I draw someone of a similar shape with a cap on, it becomes… the Goon.

Pink Panther_i01_Pan-Thor_06_LR

On this, the last page of the book, there was a cameo by another of Panther’s stable characters. At the time I drew this, we didn’t know if we could use the TV/Theater shorts version of the Inspector, or if it had to be the version from the movie credit sequences. I know people have attachments to each version, but I grew up watching the cartoons on TV, so my fave is the one voiced by the late Pat Harrington, Jr.; which I did not know was also Schneider on “One Day at a Time” until my wife pointed it out. It’s so obvious now when I hear him!D’oh!

Pink Panther_i01_Pan-Thor_08_LR