I really enjoy this rarely seen cartoon from the late 60s, with it’s a mix of Super Friends heroics and Bullwinkle absurdity. It was voiced by a lot of the cartoon royalty, such as the great Paul Frees, Daws Butler, June Foray, Pat Carroll, etc… The show feels more Jay Ward than DePatie-Freleng, but it is a great example of what the late 60s were putting on TV to warp people’s minds. Not everything was a home run, but the creativity, and willingness to play with concepts is seen, as opposed to just regurgitating what had worked in the past on other shows.

Here’s Capt. Whammo/Zammo, the least used hero of the 6. Apparently the name was changed after Wham-O threatened to sue over the name.  Be it Whammo or Zammo, as he’d say…  “Hither, Yonder, and Away!”

Capt Whammo-Zammo