OK, I hope it didn’t, because I was kidding. If it did, that’s on me. ;¬P

No, what I mean is, I’ve always felt that an important aspect of being an artist is the intent to grow as one. Most artists I know strive to become better, to expand their capabilities, and perfect their craft.

That said, here are examples of work from two artists that I’m not naming, but I assume fans will recognize. The first pages are from over 10 years ago (circa 1992), and the second set are more recent efforts (from 2015). I tried to pick pages that had a similar pose/action to give a better comparison.

Submitted without criticism.




Now their work from 2015—

2015_1 2015_B

Now to be fair, here’s my own work. This is the oldest scan I could find. I’m pretty sure this page is from the 90s (if memory hasn’t completely failed)…


And below is work from issue 231 of GI Joe. Granted, working with an  inker means I don’t have to fill in the solid blacks, but I’d hope I’ve improved on anatomy, perspective, and drapery~ or at least feet.

Wait, that’s what you always hear when you show your portfolio anyway! “Anatomy and perspective, kid. Keep working at it!”