Here are a few more sketches based on Gegege no Kitaro. Something I failed to mention is that Kitaro has a “cow-lick” of hair that tingles when evil Yokai are about, sort of like his own “spidey~sense”. He can also fling his geta (wooden sandals) as weapons, and his hair will shoot off as as needles.  Don’t over think this stuff, just go with it.


Here it is with color…

Here’s Kitaro, and his father, with “Rat-Man”Gegege_no_Kitaro_03.jpg

Kitaro’s father is often seen bathing in a tea cup, just in case you were wondering what that was all about. The text is really just a gag based on the lyrics to the theme song from “The Blob”.


Stay safe, and drink milkshakes with pride!