Staying with the theme of recent posts, here’s one of “Dororon Enma-kun“, an anime series from 1973. The easiest way to describe it would be Gegege No Kitaro meets Harry Potter– despite the fact HP came much later. The main character has been sent to find, subdue, and return problematic yokai to the land of demons. Prince Enma (the one in what looks like the “sorting hat”) is the main character, who apparently is a boy… I thought it was a little girl. His side kicks are a Snow Queen— Yukiko-Hime, and Kapaeru, a Kappa.

Comic relief is provided by “Dracula” who is portrayed as a hobo, and always trying to back stab the team, ala “Rat Man” from Kitaro. He’s actually pretty amusing, and one of my favorite bits of the show; so I’ll try to do a sketch of him later.

For now, here’s a cast sketch.