Remember a bit ago when I posted a cast shot of Dororon Enma-kun, and I mentioned that Dracula was part of that? I also mentioned I’d try to do a sketch if I could, so here it is.

As I mentioned before, they play him off as a hobo, living on the streets and eating vegetables and tomato juice. One thing I thought initially was that he reminded me of the antagonist from “Frosty the Snowman”, Professor Hinkle. I found this image that was pretty close to the drawing I did to show you what I meant.

A lot of these early Toei cartoons remind me stylistically, of the Rankin-Bass cel animation. I know that the R&B stuff was produced in Japan, but I wonder how many artists from one project were on the other. There’s something about the timing, the design, and the in-betweens that makes me believe they were bouncing between projects. I especially think that guys working on the cel animation version of Mad, Mad, Monster Party were working at Toei.

If someone knows specifics, please email me thru the contact button, and give me the low-down. I love knowing stuff like that.


Here he is in color.