I’m not a binge watcher, like some people. I like shows as much as anyone, but I like being able to drag something out. I’d rather have a bit of a good chocolate bar today, a little more tomorrow, and finish it off later. That said, I’ll also have about three different bars going on at any one time… hence I’m still fat.

ANYHOO.  That in mind, I’ve recently finished Strong Girl Bong Soon. It’s a South Korean show on Netflix, and I loved it. Some people don’t, I don’t care to hear your opinion, why? Because that’s the reason they make more than one TV show. You like what you like, I’ll like what I like. If you want to talk about your favorite shows, you blog about it; maybe I’ll read it.

ANYWAY. I like it, I even bought the wife the character’s signature sweat shirt (cause capes are so last century dah’ling) I think it’s a more realistic depiction about how a person with super powers would react. They would still be a person, with fears, love life, hungers, pains, etc… It’s only 16 episodes long, and even though they set it up to have potential sequels, I seriously doubt that will happen. It’s a lovely, self contained thing.

If you like rom-coms, with some action, and a dash of super heroics, it’s fun— and I’m gonna miss the excite of every new episode.


The main character wants to be a game developer, and she creates this hero.

But I love the main actress  Park Bo-young , who is really good in the role. She’s cute, funny, with great reaction shots. You end up cheering for her, and  wanting her to kick some serious arse. She’s also in an older show called Oh My Ghost (also on Netflix as Oh My Ghostess). I’m a couple of episodes in, and I like it, but Bong Soon still rules.

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