There are a bunch of “life drawing” sites, that have a selection of poses, where you can set a time limit, and it runs you thru a drawing session. I’ve mentioned how working from a photo isn’t the same, so I tend to ignore the clock, and just keep drawing until I’m bored; since the model won’t get tired anyway.

There is one photographer that likes to do a lot of “pirate” themed poses, and I’ve been fascinated with the playfulness of them, plus the hair/wigs, and the costumes, etc.

Not to mention, it’s a nice change from the Japanese magazine stuff, which was starting to make me feel a little repetitive.

As I was talking about in previous posts, the change of settings on my scanner drastically impacted the final look of my images. Here is another scan of the above image, and the subtle shading can be seen better here. It’s especially apparent on the less detailed surfaces, like across her hips.