Two things—

If you follow this blog (thanks mom), then you know I enjoy drawing with colored leads. It stems from most comic artists that do their underdrawings in non-repro blue, but often artists print out thumbnails in blue line on a page as the first stage. It can get confusing when drawing in light blue on a light blue printed image, so I’ll use light green instead. It helps me to see what I’m drawing that is different from the printed blue line thumbnail. Then I can go over that with dark graphite to define the final image for the inker. Blah, blah, blah, short version… sometimes I just draw in green, but it wasn’t scanning.

Second, if you follow this blog (thanks G), then you may have noticed I’ve been posting dual scans of images. Truth is, this was the first image that forced me to start playing with the settings, rather than using the default. I assumed this wasn’t scanning because the lead was too light, but that ain’t the case. It was the settings. I just assumed the scanner guys knew more about how the thing worked than I did, so I should just use their presets. Wrong. Anyway, now I’m just messing with stuff. I like scanning things once, so I hope to have some shortcuts once I figure crap out.

This image is drawn in light green, and was posted previously before I realized all this scanner setting crap. Here is was what it looked like back then.

But here is a new scan. I haven’t reworked, or done anything to it. That’s how different one scan can be from another. It went from a ghost image, to a drawing. Insane what a slider bart in advanced settings can do.