As I said in a previous post, to be allowed to draw the Godzilla cover, I had to get approval from Toho first. I was told that the book was going to involve Biollante and Mothra, so my first sketches were a direct reference to the Biollante film. One of the things I’ve always hated  in other drawings is how the texture is done. It comes down to one of three approaches… the stylized hint of a scales, a messing ink job to imply the look but minimize effort, or the full blown- and ultra time consuming- rendering of every scale ala Arthur Adams (who still does the best Gojira around).

Additionally, there were hints of me doing a story arc on a future Godzilla book, so I didn’t want to establish a style for Gojira on the cover, that I would only abandon later on interior pages. With that, I decided to do a limited rendering style, but I still wanted it to indicate his look, so this is what I went with.