I really hate Covid, because of all the things it’s causing me to miss. If I had known the subject of “Little Miss Sumo“, was going to be in the US to compete in the World Games in AL, I would have considered going to cheer Hiyori Kon, on, but truth is I probably wouldn’t have, because a variant is spiking, and the games were in Alabama. I’m glad she competed, as in the documentary on her, it hints she’s considering retiring from sumo; which I hope she doesn’t do as she’s only 24, with years ahead of her. In celebration of her winning the silver (and gold is only a matter of time, here is a little image I did to show her some support.

Yeah, I know it’s similar in design to the Wakatakakage, and originally I wasn’t going to do the sun background, but I felt she was representing Japan in the games, so it was even more appropriate here. I did switch up the look, and went with a more chibi type design.