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Bear and grin it?

Back to Barney Bear, there are just some great poses in those shorts, and some sweet facial expressions. The side characters always seem to get their poses pushed…

Bow wow wow, yo yo yippee yea

I love the Looney Tunes shorts with the bulldog, Marc Anthony,  and the kitten, Pussyfoot, although I always assumed the cat was a girl, apparently it’s a boy….

Huh, didn’t notice that bear-fore

I was never a huge fan of Tom & Jerry, as they didn’t show them a lot when I was a kid. They showed the Tex Avery Droopy…

That’s NOT All Folks!

As I said earlier, the classic cartoons are a source of joy, and for me it starts with Looney Tunes. Every fan has strong opinions about their favorite…

Back to the Beginning

It’s all been crap lately in regards to work, and I’ve seriously considered just opening an Onigiri shop, and calling it a day. I’m sure many people go…

The end is here, and so I face, my final curtain–

The last IDW issue of GI Joe came out this week, 300! Tanks for the memories. 

Don’t go losing your head!

But the last IDW GI Joe drops today… 300, the end of an era! I wish all the best to the next creative team that gets to work…

All work and no play–

Pisses Storm Shadow off to no end. Seriously, any of the Joes do anything around here? 

Wait for it!

Cause the final issue doesn’t drop until next week!

Am I the only one working here?

Ever wonder if Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow get annoyed with everyone else’s output?

Ouch! Right in the store!

No crotch, no Krav Maga! And if anyone accuses me of stealing layt-ers out ideas from Butch Guice- I deny everything!

Get some fresh air–

Sho Kusogi- er, Storm Shadow out in the woods.

Flight status? Delayed

It’s always a pain to make dog fight sequences look exciting– hope this worked.

Explore your national parks!

Although I’m sure this is standard issue equipment for a picnic. 

It’s a very special day!

Lay down! Try to relax!

Are you on dope?

Seriously, I’d love to know what the designers were smoking when they came up with the Toxo-Vipers? The Cobra Incinerators aren’t much better, but at least their helmets…

Look mom, I’m a meme!

The classic way to irk your artist in one simple paragraph– “The army on horseback extends as far as the eye can see…” Grrrrr. The only person less…

The gang’s all here

I had a writer tell me once that just because he wrote large crowds into a shot, didn’t mean I had pick an angle that showed everyone; but…

I’ll be seeing you, don’t know where, don’t know when-

This being my last dance with GI Joe, every shot of a character I wasn’t sure how long they’d be in the storyline became a good-bye. Most people…

Turtle wax on, turtle wax off

Again, playing with turtle poses and details.