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Diwali has Beano blast!

Ok, Diwali isn’t actually until tomorrow, but in today’s Beano the Har-Har family explains a bit about the holiday. I learned a lot, perhaps you will too?

Remember, remember, the Beano of November!

There’s a bit of history in the Beano this week, with Guy Fawkes’ infamous plot to blow up Parliament, as reenacted by the Bash Street Kids. I try…

Turn right at the Beano

Just an odd shot of Hani leaving his bedroom, and plotters waiting in the wings.

Up, Up and a Dandy!

These guys spend more time airborne than Superman! I’m being honest when I say it’s a great gift for kids. I can speak from experience (and no one…

For whom the Beano tolls

It just felt like it should also activate a klaxon horn.

Beano eyed view

In comics it’s normally called a “bird’s eye view”, but in this week’s strip, it was a “how to show three things going on at once” view.

It’s Dandy no matter how you look at it

This is also from the fourth story of mine in the Dandy 2022 annual. I’m just picking out panels I particularly enjoy. This one really is just because…

Not to be used as a Beano

The script asked for a stool. Did I listen? No, I had to make it more complicated for myself. I went with a ladder. D’oh!

Wolves Beano

I got to toss Tricky into a panel, and so I swipe– er, paid homage to a costume design from Jack Davis’ work on the Mad Monster Party.

It’s all Dandy from here!

A peek at the last story of mine from the 2022 Dandy annual. It was another challenging story, because skateboards mean streets, and that means a lot of…

Get this walking Beano out of my way!

The Har-Har kids are dressed up as a mad scientist, and a wookie. Essentially, that’s big foot, with a bandolier– let’s be honest.

All the Beano is waiting for you!

There is a lot of Wonder Woman referencing going on in Beano, and I don’t mind. If anyone would dress as the Amazon princess, it would be JJ….

Nicest Dandy guy you could meet

Of the four stories, I think this was my favorite panel from all of them. I loved getting to draw the old school push mower, plus I liked…

I’ll Beano you can hear me now!

I talked before about the Beano Bosses have three standard poses that are used in the comic. Pointing, jumping, and laughing are the usual ones, but occasionally they’ll…

It was a dark, and Beano evening

This week is the Halloween issue of Beano, even though another book will be out before the holiday; go fig. Anyway, in some of the strips the kids…

Beano up here long?

It’s that same old house again, filled with furniture only available in one model, and a limited selection of colors. Hari wanted something that complimented his red suit. 

Dandy old men

For “Nicest” I had to design a group of old guys, My favorite is the one in the middle with the waistband of his pants practically up to…

Stay one Beano ahead of the others

It’s funny how we learn things. To help remember the difference between stalactite and stalagmite as a kid, I associated the “c” with ceiling, and the “g” with…

Beano fever, Beano fever, we know how to do it

Motion in a still image is always a challenge, and here I trying to show a spin move; like when Wonder Woman changes. I hope the flowing feather…

Dandy that’s a lot of dudes!

One fo the few downsides to drawing Jocks and Geordies? There’s 10 of these guys, and they all seem to want to be in every panel. Ugh. This…