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Shock(Wave) the monkey!

OK, so I like classic Peter Gabriel, sue me; just don’t “@” me. A little FireF… er, uh, Shockwave, from GIJoe!

MANTIS Henshin!

Here are the inks of MANTIS, the tokusatsu inspired hero from Jordan Gibson! He said he plans to drop color on this, so when I get that I’ll…

Hulk trick-or-SMASH!


It’s a hairy scary day in the Beano~ again!

OK, it’s not really a Halloween strip, but here are the pencils, and final version of a panel from this week’s strip!

Mantis KICK!

Here’s a sketch I did of Jordan Gibson’s MANTIS, his homage to all the tokusatsu shows we both love. Come back later for the inks!

It’s a Horror Show!

Not because of Halloween, but from Oktober Guard! Below is the original blue, but I’m still trying to get the scans to match how it looks in the…

Xie Xie, Xena

Loved the show, and I still think it was a great re-imagining of Wonder Woman. Lucy Lawless would have rocked the star-n-stripes, they should work her into the…

Up from the depths— and beyond!

That’s not a mixed metaphor, correct? This was the loose initial sketch.And here is the tight drawing, with context. Man Shipwreck can be a jerk.

Pumpkin Beano Spiced!

The spooky edition of Beano comes out today! Get your thrills, and grab a copy! Hey colonials! Remember you can subscribe to the app to get your Beano…

Baby, if you ever wondered… Wonderland became of me!

One more image based on Yugo Ishikawa‘s Wonderland manga published in the States by Seven Seas.

Hey hey, ninja turtle, coming’ down the street…

Tell us what you’re gonna do!

Sleep well, & dream of large women…

I’m at Baltimore Con from today until Sunday (Oct 18-20)! Look what you could get from me at Baltimore Con from me, it’s a recent commission of the great…

It’s the most Wonderland time, of the year!

Another sketch based on Yugo Ishikawa‘s Wonderland the manga from Seven Seas. Also, last chance to get on my pre-show list for Baltimore Con which happens this weekend (Oct 18-20)!…

Beano there, Beano’d that… again!

There may be something repetitive about seeing the pencils, and then the final version of a panel. This week’s strip will make that feel even more the case….

Through the looking glass… and fork.

I’ve really been into the manga series “Wonderland” by Yugo Ishikawa (who also did a really cute/odd  series called “Kappa no Kaikata/How to Breed Kappa” – you can find…

Baltimore Con will be a Wonder! Well, Wonder Woman thinks so!

Here is another sketch of the greatest lady hero! Sorry, but you can’t get this one at Baltimore Con (which is this weekend Oct 18-20), it’s spoken for….

Baltimore Beano Bound

Don’t forget! I’ll be at Baltimore Con (Oct 18-20) in the Kids Korner with a fancy new banner— featuring Rubi, Tricky, and the world famous Bananaman! Look for…

Purple rain. Puuuurple panther!

You may have seen how I like to use colored lead, well sometimes it scans well, sometimes not. It tends to over saturate when I bump up the…

This Beano bath is going to feel so good!

Hope his parts aren’t almost frozen! And here are the colors from this week’s strip!

Game of Beano

A double does this week! I’ve got a puzzle in this week’s Beano as well as a Rubi strip. I’m sure no one will get what this references,…