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Beano at the drawing board

This was a last minute design (seriously, I drew it in about 10 minutes) needed for a Beano. I think the strip it was used in has already…

Beano up all night!

Yep, I’m doing my old “night vision” trick. It just amuses me. I did enjoy figuring out how I wanted to draw the Mom’s hair from the reverse…

Must Beano losing my mind!

So this is the Editor Reader for this week… why, WHY did I decide to do those stripes on his shirt?  Glutton for punishment. Ugh. Still- got to…

Beano rough month for mom, so far!

Starting to think we just like torturing Tricky’s mom. Twice in as many weeks! 

Stop Beano so gross!

Sometimes the best bit is drawing a character emoting how grossed out they are. Check out this week’s issue to find out why.

How long we Beano here?

Beano is funny in that so many of the characters look almost as old as they would be if they had aged as in real life. What is…

Something funny happened on the way to the Beano

Whoever designed the sign, must have been a Stones fan. Wasn’t me.

Beano Tech

I like machines to be clunky, but still look like they might do something. This is my best mash up of something from Star Trek, drawn by Kirby,…


If you don’t tell me who to draw, you’re gonna get the wrestlers I like! Ha! Shout out to my boy Thurmond!

Beano time!

Might need the pill version after all that cartoon broccoli.

Need a Beano ?

And for once I actually mean the pill! These quick turn arounds have forced me to simplify things a little, but I still want the images to feel…

Beano Loompa

If someone sets a scene in a candy store- how do you NOT do a parody of Wonka? It’s like having a submarine and not making it yellow….

A Beano gullible, aren’t you?

I seriously wanted to put “world’s most gullible dad” on the mug, but it didn’t fit. Then I was going to put “world’s biggest sucker”, but apparently lollipops…

A little Beano told me

I try to research even silly stuff, like what types of birds would you see.

Tour de Beano

Something else that’s a pain to draw… bikes.

United Beano Service

I’m not saying that’s the sort of delivery service we get, but any image is based on experience.

Juiced Beano

It’s harder to make people look like their struggling with a straw than you think it is. Trust me.

Is that a Van Beano?

When stuff gets set in a museum, I still try to make the effort to draw in the paintings. It’s only an opinion, but I think it looks…

Beano box lunch

I couldn’t figure out how to make a Bento Box joke- oh well.

Beano fest- again

To find out what gag Tricky is pulling on the family, you have to check out this week’s Beano, but it obviously requires mom working in the kitchen….