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Nailed the colors on this Dandy!

More colors from my first Jock and Geordies strip. I didn’t know it before, but I’m doing two more stories of them for the Dandy 2022 annual, so…

Hurt so much – saw Dandy ole stars!

From one of my Jock and Geordies story in the Dandy 2022 annual!

Jocks & Geordies Dandy in color!

Here are the title and the panel from page 01 of my Jocks and Geordies story in this year’s annual. It was a challenge to make sure I…

It’s falling Dandy around me!

More pencils from my Jock and Geordies work in the Dandy 2022 annual! 

Good Geordie that hurt!

Double drop today! Here are some pencils from a Jocks & Geordies strip in the Dandy 2022 annual!  It was a pain to draw! Get it?! No really,…

Ding dang, what a Dandy annual!

I was asked to contribute to the Dandy 2022 annual, specifically Jocks & Geordies. This is a strip I wasn’t familiar with, but apparently has been around for…

Who Beano’d footprints on my clean floor?

The main strip this week is all about cleaning a floor. Call me crazy, I spent more time on this panel just trying to make the foot traffic…

Beano the fourth wall!

Because of how things are set up in the magazine, I don’t get to do the classic tricks you get in hero comic; like breaking panel borders and…

It’s the ‘ole Beano-roo!

When I can give a little parody product placement, I try. Beano Boss this week needed some ice cream, so why not use one of the fancier ones…

Sneaky lil’ Beano ain’t she?

In the Har-Har strip this week, the older sister tries to sneak around. I’m curious as to when/how this pose became synonymous with being sneaky? I know it…

Beano long time, old friends

The Beano boss strip this week also gave me a chance to revisit some old friends from the book. Kind of miss drawing this punk kid, and his…

Ready for my close up Mr. Beano

Wonder if kids will even know what dad is using?  It’s a weird time in tech history.

Check those Beano-ful shorts!

Beano Boss this week had some wild shorts. I’d have loved stuff like his when I was a kid. I was happy to have something with a simple…

To Beano where no one has Beano’d before!

When you can reference classic Trek, you have to.

Head over Beano in love!

The older sister thinking about a dream boat. An odd thing to consider- does it float? Will it sink? Who knows.

New Beano shoes

Here’s that girl again, with the awesome hair. I try to rebrand everything in the Beano-verse, and that includes logos on known products, like shoes.

Hair, Hair, Beano-ful Hair!

The Beano Boss this week had some great hair; which I didn’t do justice.

Out like a Beano

The older sister in the Har-Har strip always frustrates me, don’t know why. She’s supposed to be about 13, but trying to dress older, which is a subtle,…

Don’t rock the Beano, don’t tip the Beano over!

I had a rare multi-page story, which couldn’t come at a busier time. I did get to draw some row boats, that were, well- there they were.

Be-Be-Beano Kitaro

Here’s another shot of the mystery Beano from this week. Again, all I see is a kid who needs to cosplay as one of my favorite animes.