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Beano help the bard!

Colors for this week’s Beano. You’ll have to pick it up to see all my swiped shots from “The Shakespeare Code” episode of Dr Who, and what the…

Beano magical day, me lord!

This week the Bash Street Kids are at the Rose Theater in London… eek! Shakespeare must be rolling in his grave with those rug rats running around.  

Beano looking good Mrs. Yodel

Here are the colors for the panel from before. Aren’t those glasses fabulous?

Beano seein’ you around

The Beano has a cast of characters longer than your arm, and some are just a riot to draw. This week’s strip has Mrs Yodel, the school secretary,…

Pencil me in for a Beano

There should be an activity page in this week’s issue, involving Teacher. Here are the pencils for the final that led into this post. 

Mind the Beano

Here are the colors for the panel I posted earlier. The issue drops today, so I hope everyone enjoys it.

Just Beano hanging out

For those who might not know, I’ve been given the honor of filling the position that the late David Sutherland, O.B.E. has left behind. I can never replace…

Beano hobnobbing with the famous!

Had to throw in some celebs in this week’s Har-Har strip- any guesses?

Rolling in the Beano

Rumo(u)r has it there are some guest stars in this week’s issue. I wonder if any of them will fly me to a concert? Doubt it. 

Stairs are a pain in the Beano

Had to draw two sets of stairs in this week’s Beano Boss strip, and yes they are a pain.

Beano ware of what’s under your seat!

Sometimes the bark is worse than the bite, as this week’s Prank Academy shows us all.

Caught from Beano hind!

I’ve mentioned how I like to bring more of a comic book aesthetic to comic strips… something Watterson did so well on Calvin & Hobbes. One thing strips…

Beano it like Beck… oh wait, I did that one.

Poses can get repetitive, especially if you’re in a hurry. You fall back on previous ones from before, then it starts to get stale. Some ask why figure…

More Beano, Mr. Taggert?

For once the Prank Academy fits the US definition of Beano.

Beano Bang Biff Bop!

For Beano I usually draw the sound effects, or “SFX” as I label them in my art files. Sometimes, the things just sum up the whole strip! Ha!

Beano Dandy of a time!

Does this count as a cross over event? Drawing a cartoon character disguised as another cartoon character– oddly enough, isn’t easy!

Add a Beano of stick-um!

It’s hobby hour in Beano this week.

Beano from another galaxy!

Got to do a fill in strip of Bash Street Kids. This was my favorite bit from the two pager. Only clip, so check out the strip for…

F.A. Beano

Got to do a Bash Street Kids fill in strip for this week’s issue. I’m not sure most kids won’t get the reference, but I had to throw…

I’ve Beano all over the place!

I’m scattered all over this week’s Beano; from puzzles to crafts. Here’s a sneak of a candy themed seek-&-find.