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Beano cast into a mythical world!

As in some previous posts, this is another case where the script was a giant thumbnail; something you can see more at the top. It’s helpful because the…

It’s a mad Bash to the Beano!

Here are the colors for the BSK group run. I have to say the drool on Danny’s mouth is part of the story, and he’s not coming down…

Bashing a pot of Beanos!

One of the obligatory shots you seem to have in the Bash Street Kids is them running as a group. Here’s my first chance at that!

Bash a little color on that Beano!

Here are the colors for the first Bash Street Kids I’ve gotten to do. One thing that’s also different on BSK from what I normally do, is that…

It’s Beano fun, let’s do it again sometime- in the same issue!

This is my last Rubi strip for the foreseeable future, as the great Emily McGorman-Bruce will be back starting next week, who I was only filling in for….

Don’t Bash my Beano!

Bash as in the Bash Street Kids– not just poor grammar on my part! Anyway, the legendary David Sutherland needed a break, so I’m getting to fill in…

Quick! To the Beano mobile!

It was supposed to be a battle bot, but I think subconsciously, I was channeling Anton Furst.

A Beano reaction, spells danger!

Dennis performs an experiment in this activity, and he’s supposed to have a lab coat on for it. They wanted it to be something that looked Dennis-like. I…

It’s Beano scam all along!

Something about this strip reminded me of something Mr. Bean would do. Pick up the issue (or get it online) and see if you can find my blatant…

Danger! Beano at work!

Another character I rarely get to draw is Dennis, and although fun, I actually like Gnasher the most of the two. I conned my way into including him…

Mr. Beano Goes to the Fair!

I based the fair attendant on the discarded version of Mrs. Creecher. Like an out of work actress she’s taking whatever gig she can get.

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba- BananaMan!


Beano Man! No wait, BananaMan!

I don’t get to draw the guy very often, and it’s always a treat. He’s like the original Tick, another goofball hero I enjoy.

You ain’t nuthin’ but a Beano dog!

Here are the colors, u-huh, u-huh! For those too lazy to do their research, here’s what I talking about last time in regards to Danny tossing the Elvis…

Hunka, hunka, Beano Love

This week, Danny tossed in an Elvis reference, which I thought was purposely aimed at me. I had mentioned my dad in a recent post, but that hadn’t…

A snake in Beano skin!

Here are the colors from that “P-Files” panel. Nothing like a Texas rattler to liven things up.

Beano up among the clouds!

Here are the colors from part of the editor reader segment. I didn’t mention it last time, but man, this tree house shot stressed me out. Hope it…

A Beano, is a Beano, is a Beano.

Here are the colors from Rubi this week, with those funny sound effects. Hee hee!

If it had Beano snake, it’ve bit me!

Like I mentioned, I’m all over Beano this week, from Rubi, the prank files, to the editor reader segments. This is from the “P-Files”, with a little tribute…

Beano literal much?

Here’s another Nigel script, where you can see the thumbs under my drawing. What amuses me about Beano are the literal sound effects. What a hoot. It reminds…