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Ferris Beano Day Off

Your weekly Beano bash! Mrs Yodel is a hoot, and reminds me of “Grace” the school secretary (played by Edie McClurg) in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off“. I did…

Just walking down the Beano one day

Here are the pencils to the earlier post. Again, what’s not to love about Freddy?

Beano blogging?

From the Beano this week, a nice shot of Freddy. I really enjoy drawing him, but not sure why. He’s just a fun shape, plus those trunk like…

Cat Beanos!

Apparently the pads on a cat’s foot are sometimes called “beans”? Who knew? Well, I didn’t.

Nothing says Valentine’s like scaring a cat in the Beano

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Beano bento in bencil, er, I mean pencil!

Here are the pencils from the bento box scene. Amazing what a little color will help define. It really looks like a snowball with a piece of tape…

Beano Box Lunch

From this week’s Beano, where the kids are seen eating lunch. I wanted to mix it up, so I had Harsha eating an onigiri out of a bento…

It’s all a bit Beano

Beano bashing the teacher again!

Your obligatory Beano bash from today’s issue!

Beano up here, keeping an eye on ya!

Pencils for the last image

Beano in the sky with diamonds

I’ve mentioned in the past that I try not to do flat “strip” art, and move the camera around. Here’s a shot from this week’s issue.

Beano nicked!

The panel from yesterday was supposed to be the Beanotown copper taking himself in for a crime. I hope it read properly.

Beano get yer butt outta here!

From the issue that drops today!

Must have #Beano big book!

Base drawing for yesterday’s image, but I should’ve made the book bigger- ce la vie.

I Beano the law!

But not in a Judge Dredd sort of way. Nope, in this week’s Beano, the kids learn about the laws of Beanotown.

Beano out to get your, uh, Beano yet?

Another sneak from this week’s issue! Burn tires and go get one!

Beano moshing lately?

Here are “impactful” pencils for the previous post!

Beano here before!

It’s not a Beano without some moshing! Issue drops today!

Beano doing hard time!

Here are the pencils form yesterday’s image.

Beano top of the world, ma!

Got to do another cover for Beano, and it hits the stands this week! Here’s a sneak of it!