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Beano rough audience

Siblings get no respect, I tell ya!

He’s Beano doing Dr. Who references again!

Yep! If I can ever sneak one in… I will!

Beano & Spensers

Usually when I draw a strip, I reference products found in Marks & Spensers, but I’ll change their logo from “M&S” to “N&T” or “L&R”. This week I…

Beano pretending to be Esther Williams?

If you don’t know who Esther Williams is, look it up. If you do, dang you old! Oh wait, that means I’m… forget it, kid. Oops, I did…

Beano big award season!

I got to do a joke page, and as usual I tried to give the designers as many options as possible. They referenced the Bafta award, but using…

Beano it, like you stole it!

Next to Dr Who, if I can throw in something I stol… er, borrowed from Aardman, I’m all about it. Been rewatching Shaun the Sheep recently, can you…

Beano busted

It’s 4th of July this weekend in the US, or as my Brit friends say “When ungrateful colonials threw a tantrum.”

Power of the Beano

If I can get away with a Dr Who reference, you know I will.

Beano biscuit

No sir, I didn’t like it.

My what a Beano nose you have!

From today’s Beano! You know you want to see what this is all about, but you have to grab a Beano to find out!

Beano dirty trick!

Prank Academy is always a challenge, because the set up is often the same. Usually requiring the kid to grab something, from the bedroom of the person they…

Some big decisions Beano made!

I’m still doing the Beano Boss stuff, and in this one the id wants to be a WWE wrestler when he grows up. I went old school with…

Beano getting weird around here

I’m filling in on Beano, and I’ve been assigned their new strip which is about the Har-Har family, which own the Beanotown joke shop. The main character is…

Beano zoo around here!

Colors for those adorable monkeys I got to draw! Out today!

Beano cutting logs!

Part of my Beano duties will also be the new Prank Academy segment, starring the Har-Har family.

Beano curious, George?

Looks like I’ll be a regular on Beano for a bit, as I’m filling in for an artist for a while. I’ll be doing the “Beano Boss” and…

Beano counter!

Here are the colors for the Dennis puzzle from this week. Again, a lot of layers, and grouping.  The final on this was almost a GB (918MB) so…

Beano looking for you!

This is a bit of the puzzle page coming up in this week’s Beano, and it’s always a challenge to draw Dennis; that dang ‘ole hair!

Beano growing like a weed!

Here are the colors for the panel from the other day, with a slight change. Trust me, the kid is growing like a weed! Seeing him less during…

He’s a good Beano

I like throwing Easter eggs into my work, but not all of them are for everyone to get; sometimes it’s just for me, friends, or family. Like Joel…