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Lady Rider, do do do do dee do

I’d still love to see an “Amazons” type reboot with lady Rider “Tackle”. I tried to give her more of an Asian beetle design, rather than a lady…

Rider Kicking it!

With all the rumors swirling about future plans over at Shout Factory, I thought I should toss these out for people to enjoy… especially the guys working so…

MANTIS Henshin!

Here are the inks of MANTIS, the tokusatsu inspired hero from Jordan Gibson! He said he plans to drop color on this, so when I get that I’ll…

Mantis KICK!

Here’s a sketch I did of Jordan Gibson’s MANTIS, his homage to all the tokusatsu shows we both love. Come back later for the inks!

Baby, if you ever wondered… Wonderland became of me!

One more image based on Yugo Ishikawa‘s Wonderland manga published in the States by Seven Seas.

It’s the most Wonderland time, of the year!

Another sketch based on Yugo Ishikawa‘s Wonderland the manga from Seven Seas. Also, last chance to get on my pre-show list for Baltimore Con which happens this weekend (Oct 18-20)!…

Through the looking glass… and fork.

I’ve really been into the manga series “Wonderland” by Yugo Ishikawa (who also did a really cute/odd  series called “Kappa no Kaikata/How to Breed Kappa” – you can find…


Here’s an inked version of an old sketch. Meh. Bummed, cause this is my favorite Rider— OOOs; and this is his sagozo form. I still love the opening…

The dark knight… no, the other one

No, not that one either! I mean the other, other one; the one from Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Henshin! Gatak Attack!

Another Kamen Rider sketch- cause I just can’t be bothered. Anyway, if you follow this blog, you know I love me some blue lead. A few of the…

Henshin Drag- uh, Dragen?

Someone is doing a Kamen Rider themed month of images, but honestly, with Intober coming up, it’s a bit much to commit to.  I’m just going to randomly…

Tokusatsu bang bang!

Here are the inks of Shishi Leo of Bestial Storm Jushowan the fictional program in the real TV show Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga!


Here’s a sketch I did for a friend of Shishi Leo from the fictional action show Bestial Storm Jushowan. Out of the (manga based) Japanese TV show Tokusatsu Ga Ga Ga….

More anime, manga, or whatever… sketching.

It is what it is, but I’m still playing with the style. I found a model sheet, (now I can’t remember from what or where), and I liked…

Playing around w/ manga styles

Just playing with the idea of screens and scrapping in whites— meh. Needs more practice. 

Interviews with Monster Girls

I like the manga, but only found out recently there was an anime version. Enjoy. 

Manga Wednesday

Yeah, “manga wednesday” isn’t really a thing, but here’s a sketch based on Mardock Scramble. I loved Yoshitoki Oima’s “A Silent Voice”, so I bought some other works;…